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This page includes the the latest news updates on our latest free emoticons and smileys.

Free Christmas smileys

Christmas smileys | Free animated smiley faces

Saturday, 17 Dec3 comments

Looking for a Christmas smiley face? Then you're in luck because we've just updates our holiday graphics category!

Santa smiley Smiley opening Christmas gift Christmas kisses Smiley Snowman
Get the free Christmas Emoticons - Click Here!

We've got well over 200 different christmas smileys, so you're definitely going to find something that you like!

FreeThanksgiving emoticons

Turkey emoticons and free animated Thanksgiving smileys!

Wednesday, 23 Nov1 comment

Looking for an animated turkey emoticon? Want to post some on Facebook? Then just check out free Thanksgiving smiley gallery! There is a huge range of stuff that you can grab.

Dancing turkey emoticon Smiley riding on a turkey! eating turkey emoticon turkey eating a smiley!
Get them free - Click Here!

If you want to browse them one by one, just go to the free thanksgiving smileys page and start checking them out. There are loads of them!

New Thanksgiving smileys

Thanksgiving emoticons added, download them free!

Tuesday, 22 Nov0 comment

Are you looking for some Thanksgiving emoticons and smiley faces? Then you've come to the right place! We've got all of the smileys that you need to celebrate this coming T-Day. Go and check them out!

Funny turkey emoticon Smiley riding a Turkey Smiley face eating some turkey A turkey eats a smiley!
Get the free Thanksgiving emoticons - Click Here!

You can also browse them all in our Thanksgiving animated emoticons section. You can look through the whole collection and use the ones that you like.

Facebook smileys added

Facebook emoticon and smiley list added to site

Wednesday, 27 Jan36 comments

Many of you ask for it and here it is, we've added a list of all facebook emoticons to the website, go check it from the link below!

Facebook smiley list!
Click here to see the list!

Use these emotes when you're chatting with your friends on Facebook, all you will need to do is type in the shortcut code and send your message. The graphical smiley will instantly appear once your message is sent!

Tribute to MJ: free emoticons

Michael Jackson Icons: Emoticons, Avatars and more

Wednesday, 01 Jul142 comments

To comemorate Michael Jackon's recent death, we've created a special collection of icons for his many fans worldwide. This set includes emoticons and display pictures, including many animations featuring his amazing dance moves.

Michael Jackson tribute icons and avatars
download it now

Valentine's Day Smileys

New Valentine smileys, animated smileys for Valentine's Day

Saturday, 31 Jan8 comments

Valentine's day is almost here again (the 14th of February, just in case you forgot) and we've got even more emoticons and smileys for this magical day.

New love smileys for Valentines

Animated Christmas emoticons

Free animated Christmas emoticons for MSN and Live Messenger

Monday, 15 Dec6 comments

Looking to decorate your MSN or Windows Live Messenger with some fresh Christmas emoticons this holiday season? Microsoft has provided a free Christmas emoticon pack as a special treat for Messenger users this holiday season!

Download the Christmas emoticons for MSN

Singing Christmas emoticons from Yahoo

Emoticarolers, free Christmas emoticons that sing

Sunday, 14 Dec8 comments

Yahoo has created a new Christmas related website called Emoticarolers that allows you to make personalized holiday carols and send them to your friends. You choose the emoticons, write the lyrics and they'll sing it!

The Yahoo Messenger emoticons want to help you spread some holiday cheer. Create a personalized carol, and then send them off to the digital doorsteps of your friends and loved ones.
New emoticons from MSN

Emoticolombianos, free emoticons pack from MSN Colombia

Saturday, 30 Aug8 comments

The folks over at MSN Colombia have released a cool pack of 25 free emoticons. While these smileys have been created mainly for Colombian users, there are some nice emoticons that can still be used by most people.

Free emoticons from MSN Colombia

New romance smileys

Love emoticons added - hugs, kisses, and more smileys

Sunday, 10 Aug16 comments

We've added a new selection of love and romance emoticons to the website. While love is a global language, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to express what you mean and feel. Let the smileys do the talking for you; they can flirt, seduce and be romantic. It's often easier to show it than say it!

The negative side of emoticons

Emoticon etiquette: Knowing where not to use them

Saturday, 09 Aug3 comments

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal explores the effects of using emoticons, text messaging shorthands and symbols in the professional and business world.

Animated angry smileys

Angry Emoticons and Smileys added to the website

Sunday, 06 Jul2 comments

Feeling angry? Let them feel the heat with these angry emoticons and smileys!

angry emoticons
Browse the Angry Emoticons

We've added a new selection of mad and angry smileys to the free emoticons section. These come in handy when someone or something is driving you up the wall.

Animated EURO 2008 emoticons and smileys

EURO 2008 emoticons, kick-off with these football and soccer emoticons

Sunday, 08 Jun7 comments

As Euro madness sweeps the world, we've added a whole set of cool new EURO 2008 emoticons. Use these football and soccer emoticons to show support for your team, who will you support?

EURO 2008 Emoticons have been added
View the EURO 2008 Emoticons

Make emoticons and smileys!

Emoticon Maker released, make emoticons and smileys

Saturday, 07 Jun11 comments

Emoticon Maker in action

Ever wanted to use your own photos and pictures as emoticons? Well look no further, you can now create an emoticon from any image with our brand new Emoticon Maker program!


Visit the Emoticon Maker page for more information about this program.

All secret emoticons

Hidden Emoticons section added, secret smileys revealed

Monday, 24 Mar14 comments

We've updated the emoticon section with the latest hidden emoticons. In this section, we reveal every single emoticon that is hidden in a range of clients like MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and even Skype.

Go to the Hidden Emoticons and Smileys

Create Your own Icons!

Free Icon Maker, Make Icons, Emoticons and your own avatars!

Saturday, 01 Mar34 comments

Ever had a photo or picture and wanted to make it into an icon? Now you can do exactly that with the new Icon Maker!

Make your own icons!
Go make your own icon!

Soft pillows featuring Smileys

Emoticon Pillows - Emoticons you can touch and feel

Monday, 18 Feb3 comments

Are you addicted to emoticons? Do you believe they make life easier when you don't feel like talking? Do you wish you could use Emoticons even when you're not online? Then the Emoticon Pillow is for you. You use these smiley face pillows for your face-to-face communications.

The six Emoticon Pillows

Valentine Smileys pack 2008

Valentine Smileys and Emoticons, animated emoticons for Valentine's Day 2008

Saturday, 09 Feb2 comments

Hugs, roses, kisses, hearts, flowers, teddy bears and candy - it can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is right around the corner! This Valentine's Day, you can celebrate your love with this free set of Valentine Smileys:

Valentine Smileys
Download Valentine Theme Pack

Free Animated LOL Emoticons

LOL Emoticons category added, new animated LOL Smileys

Monday, 04 Feb29 comments

By popular demand, we've added an emoticon section dedicated to LOL Emoticons and Smileys, check 'em out!

LOL Emoticons LOL Smileys Glowing LOL Emoticon

One Emoticon Stamp, Many smileys

Transforming Emoticon Stamp for adding smileys on paper

Friday, 01 Feb0 comment

A simple idea but a great invention! The Emoticon Stamp is made out of rubber with a single emoticon face, but it can be squeezed to create many new emoticon faces (the stamp is very flexible so that you can easily squeeze it into many different faces and shapes).

This rubber stamp creates Emoticons

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