Valentine Smileys pack 2008
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valentine smileys pack 2008

Valentine Smileys and Emoticons, animated emoticons for Valentine's Day 2008

Saturday, 9 Feb. '082 comments3.44

Hugs, roses, kisses, hearts, flowers, teddy bears and candy - it can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is right around the corner! This Valentine's Day, you can celebrate your love with this free set of Valentine Smileys:

Valentine Smileys
Download Valentine Theme Pack

We know you've got so much love to give, that's why we made these Smileys and emoticons. Use these love-inspired emoticons to send your Valentine (or Valentines?!?) lots of love!

A set of more than 20 beautiful and fun emoticons that are all about love and Valentine, we've got animated smileys for every expression.

Celebrating the Week of Love

For those of you who are in love all year long, every single day is like Valentine's Day; that's why we've got this large selection of animated love emoticons and smileys ready for you to browse at anytime.

With each emoticon, we've tried to capture all the different things that make love warm, sweet and mushy. Emoticons can help you describe your love in a much more picturesque way and have the power to bring your love letter to life. Using the right emoticon, you can make your Valentine's Day message truly unforgettable, especially when you ask your lover...

Wilt thou be my Valentine?

Two of our favorite smileys from the set are:

Kissing Emoticon  I Love You Emoticon

Share and multiply your love with these Valentine Smileys - satisfaction guaranteed!


User comments

Anonymous said:03 Dec '08

oh my god!!! this is the most freakin awesome thing

Anonymous said:11 Feb '08

nice, been looking to get some smileys for valentine

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