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Kissing animated emoticon
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A great animated emoticon for sending your special loved one a virtual kiss over Messenger or email! When distance is preventing you from showering your sweetheart with your deepest affections and emotions, don't worry, just send this cute kissing smiley through and that get the job partially done! Of course it's not the same thing as a real kiss, but this animated kissing emoticon is as good as it gets over IM and email, so go ahead and use it. What are you waiting for? Also don't forget to check out our other Kissing emoticons.

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User comments (60)

Love Kiss Emoji said:15 Nov '15

Great Kissing Emojis

Kittykat said:19 Apr '14

French kiss...I want to try that with my boyfriend!

Anonymous said:17 Jan '14

Love it so much.

Wanna kiss Emoji said:20 Dec '13

I wanna kiss my crush! He is so cute and hot and s#xy! I think I'll try the French kiss! I know I will!

Kiss me Emoji said:20 Dec '13

OOH la la! There's a lucky man out there! Such as my big crush! I'm coming for ya darling! You're so Lucky!

Wanna kiss crush so said:20 Dec '13

so sexy! OOH la la! There's a lucky man out there! Such as my big crush! I'm comin for ya darling!

Kissing Emojis said:20 Dec '13

French kiss... so romantic! I wanna try it!

Bullu said:18 Aug '13

Kissing is bad thing to do!!

Anonymous said:12 Oct '12

ahh ewwww.....o_O

Karen said:07 Jan '12

i love blowing a kiss!

foxy said:26 Oct '11

hello. I love this kissing monkey emoticon.

Deise said:07 Jul '11

Vcs estao me xingando toda,falando ingles ae...

great-kisser said:10 Jun '11

i can help you "sfo"...

sfo said:06 Jun '11

i want to kiss...but my boyfriend is so boring:(

sfo said:05 Jun '11

lovely... i like french kissing but i haven't done yet.

noyon+nupur said:27 Apr '11

it 's the best feeling in my life.......... oh ! no what's this?

JU said:31 Mar '11

that emotion!! I've never seen this in my life!

aline said:15 Mar '11


anna said:21 Feb '11

french guys are thieves. i was in paris a year ago .. and they stole my iphone and my money

Anonymous said:30 Jan '11

just so you's 2 girls kissing in the french kiss :)

Anonymous said:13 Jan '11

wow i wanna do that to someone... oops... I already have!!

mymy_97 said:18 Dec '10

wow, a beautiful french kiss... i like it, yeah!

Anonymous said:03 Dec '10

lol french kiss xxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:01 Nov '10

french kiss woop xxxx

Anonymous said:29 Oct '10

i love french kiss!

kidilam nihas said:01 Sep '10

Lol, I love the kissing under mistletoe, So Cute!!

sleeman said:12 Aug '10

That's so nice and sexy.

saru said:06 Aug '10

its very beautiful!!! all of these kiss graphics are awesome.

Anonymous said:05 Aug '10

omg the french kiss... kinda sexy ;)

Anonymous said:27 Jul '10

i want to kiss someone!!

Dolly said:26 Jul '10

Lol Yuck, The french kiss so does look like a man and man >.> Gross people lmao,I love the kissing under mistletoe, So Cute!

Fixerz said:11 Jul '10

French Kiss is secxy ;D

Anonymous said:26 Jun '10

it totally looks like two guys DX iieuw

+256773621054 said:18 Jun '10

I love French kiss, it is so hot

hi said:29 May '10

people u r gross lol

Wats In The Name p said:21 May '10

French Kissh Ij Sho0o Shvveett..

Anonymous said:14 May '10

lol lol.. cool

anonimus said:03 May '10

hehehe.... sweet..... and cute....

xxkatiexx said:15 Apr '10

GODD! get some new ones plz :@

Anonymous said:11 Apr '10

disgusting to see 2 guys kissing, i prefer see 2 girls xD

Details for kissing

Suggested shortcut: :kiss
Tags: Kissing, Kiss, Girl, Kiss, Screen, Lipstick, Lips
Filename: kissing.gif

  • The Kissing emoticon is Animated
  • Kissing icon file size: 24.22 kB (24797)
  • Added on 29 January, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Kissing' is animated in 20 frames, the animation is 3.9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Kissing

To use the Kissing icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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