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Kissing Emoticon

Kissing animated emoticon
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This animated emoticon shows a beautiful girl leaning forwards and kissing the screen to send her love, probably best used by girls. This is a cool way of sending someone a kiss over chat or an email. A very cool kissing emoticon that works a charm in WLM or MSN Messenger.

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User comments (14)

♡Lil Red said:28 Sep '16

Love You Every Day in Every Way!
Love this Kissing Emoji.

Anonymous said:09 Aug '16

Something attracts me to you.

A said:09 Sep '15

I love this! My man is from another country and we are having trouble communicating. These kissing emojis help us so much even though it's so sweet that he's trying so hard to learn English for me.

Anonymous said:06 Jan '15

So cool I love to kiss!

Sohel said:22 Jun '13

How can we use it...??

Donatello said:27 May '13

I will just kiss Mackenzie on the temple on the cheek and on the forehead

Wood worms said:07 Apr '13

There's something nice about her.

Anonymous said:06 May '12

These are fantastic i love it but how can i use these

Priya said:02 Mar '10

I love The French KISS!

Anonymous said:30 Dec '09

they are super sexy, i love the one with the lips.

kosova_babbe said:19 Jul '09

its cool oda ....???

shaeeee said:29 Mar '09

lol its funny and discustingg

Anonymous said:19 Mar '09

eww there discusting look at them kiss!i

Anonymous said:20 Jul '08

The French Kiss seems to be very real! I love it! Great!

Details for kissing

Suggested shortcut: ;kiss3
Tags: Kiss, Kissing, Girl, Lips, Lipstick
Filename: kiss-girl.gif

  • The Kissing emoticon is Animated
  • Kissing icon file size: 10.63 kB (10882)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Kissing' is animated in 7 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 255 colors.

Codes for Kissing

To use the Kissing icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Kissing emoticons emoticons like the kissing icon, visit the Kiss emoticons pack.

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