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Kissing smileys Emoticon

Kissing smileys animated emoticon
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This animated icon shows a kiss being shared between two smileys who seem to be a very happy couple. The smiley on the right leans over and kisses the other one, making it really happy! Use these kissing smileys to show someone that you want to give them a big kiss, even though you might be far away right now. This works with MSN and Live messenger, so be sure to add it in. Don't forget to take a look at our other emoticons.

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User comments (28)

Kissing Emojis said:14 Aug '17

Love it, it's a passionate kiss, sweet kiss...

Anonymous said:26 Dec '14

I love to kiss passionately ;) so I love kissing emoticons a lot!

Anonymous said:16 Jun '14

I love it. We need that on Skype.

Anonymous said:27 May '14

hi bored guy.. do something

Anonymous said:27 May '14

o.O kiss.. hmm getting bored in office..

Anonymous said:27 May '14

A good night kiss for my baby?

Batty said:12 Jan '14

Nice I love this emoji kisses lot!!

avik said:08 Jun '13

awesome ! just love this yaar

ICECUBE said:08 Jan '13

whohoho I like it cuz its beautiful!

Makenzee xD said:22 Jul '12

these are so cute! :)

funcky said:25 May '12

i wanna aslo do that with ..........

Anonymous said:25 May '12

I wanna do that too ;)

Anonymous said:20 Jan '12

it 's too lovely,looking innocent image.

Anonymous said:09 Dec '11

I wanna do that too ;)

Anonymous said:22 Jan '11

i'm throwing up on tongue kiss :()==

Anonymous said:08 Oct '10

I love you dylan!!

Basit said:10 Jul '10

how can we send this emote on Facebook?

Anonymous said:06 Jun '10

the kiss emoticons rock!

gabby said:09 Jan '10

ewww french kiss! ming or what:P

Anonymous said:29 Dec '09

it is romantic and lovely

YoussefKiller said:27 Dec '09


Anonymous said:28 May '09

hmmmm not bad.. they are cute

Anonymous said:10 May '09

no it isnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:06 Apr '09

love dat emotion:)
itss soooo nice:O
is dat a virus if u click download>?

Anonymous said:15 Feb '09

its cute, thanks :)
i'll send this to my girlfriend.

Anonymous said:29 Jan '09

very nice, i always send this to my girlfriend, she loves it.

Anonymous said:24 Jan '09

it's a bit weird but still awesome lol

Checoo said:08 Sep '08

great emotion, i think it's the best of them

Details for kissing smileys

Suggested shortcut: ;kiss2
Tags: Kiss, Kissing, Cheer, Couple, Smiley
Filename: smileys.gif

  • The Kissing smileys emoticon is Animated
  • Kissing smileys icon file size: 4.79 kB (4907)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Kissing smileys' is animated in 14 frames, the animation is 2.88 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 40 by 18 pixels and has 123 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Kissing smileys

To use the Kissing smileys icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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