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Flag Emoticons

Here you will find a complete set of National and State flags emoticons. Some flag-bearing smileys are included as well.

canada emoticon
confederate flag emoticon
Confederate Flag
canadian flag emoticon
Canadian Flag
american flag emoticon
American Flag
waving indian flag emoticon
Waving Indian Flag
flag of uk emoticon
Flag of UK
flag of scotland emoticon
Flag of Scotland
flag of england emoticon
Flag of England
australian flag emoticon
Australian Flag
flag of india emoticon
Flag of India
flag of pakistan emoticon
Flag of Pakistan
flag of wales emoticon
Flag of Wales
flag of portugal emoticon
Flag of Portugal
flag of canada emoticon
Flag of Canada
flag of germany emoticon
Flag of Germany
flag of brazil emoticon
Flag of Brazil
smiley with us flag emoticon
Smiley With US Flag
flag of philippines emoticon
Flag of Philippines
flag of italy emoticon
Flag of Italy
flag of mexico emoticon
Flag of Mexico
flag of puerto rico emoticon
Flag of Puerto Rico
saluting the american flag emoticon
Saluting the American Flag
flag of ireland emoticon
Flag of Ireland
argentina flag emoticon
Argentina Flag
flag of greece emoticon
Flag of Greece
flag of america emoticon
Flag Of America
big usa flag emoticon
Big USA flag
flag of france emoticon
Flag of France
flag of colombia emoticon
Flag of Colombia
flag of bangladesh emoticon
Flag of Bangladesh
flag of jamaica emoticon
Flag of Jamaica
flag of the dominican republic emoticon
Flag of the Dominican Republic
flag of sweden emoticon
Flag of Sweden
flag of iran emoticon
Flag of Iran
flag of bulgaria emoticon
Flag of Bulgaria
flag of usa emoticon
Flag Of USA
flag of spain emoticon
Flag of Spain
flag of japan emoticon
Flag of Japan
argentinian flag emoticon
Argentinian Flag
flag of denmark emoticon
Flag of Denmark
flag of belgium emoticon
Flag of Belgium
flag of turkey emoticon
Flag of Turkey
flag of nepal emoticon
Flag of Nepal
flag of poland emoticon
Flag of Poland
flag of romania emoticon
Flag of Romania
flag of south korea emoticon
Flag of South Korea
flag of cuba emoticon
Flag of Cuba
flag of switzerland emoticon
Flag of Switzerland
flag of the netherlands emoticon
Flag of the Netherlands
flag of egypt emoticon
Flag of Egypt
flag of norway emoticon
Flag of Norway
flag of croatia emoticon
Flag of Croatia
flag of russia emoticon
Flag of Russia
flag of el salvador emoticon
Flag of El Salvador
flag of lebanon emoticon
Flag of Lebanon
flag of peru emoticon
Flag of Peru
flag of chile emoticon
Flag of Chile
flag of china emoticon
Flag of China
smiley with russian flag emoticon
Smiley With Russian Flag
flag of austria emoticon
Flag of Austria
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Country Flags

What does your country flag mean to you? A lot! You may answer. The fact that you are here on this page searching for your national flag shows that it means more than just a piece of decorating fabric carrying a symbol or a sign or a graphic design specific to your geographical borders to you. In fact, to many of us it's our national identity and pride. It's about all the nationalistic values that we identify ourselves with and are deeply and profoundly proud of. It's a patriotic affair!

In previous eras national flags were mostly used for military and warfare purposes, especially at sea. Nowadays they have a lot more wide-ranging uses; such as in sports, politics, advertising, messaging, vehicles, etc.

One doesn't really need to be a student of vexillology to show love for their country's flag! All we need is to have some really attractive emoticons and smileys and animated icons in our collection of graphics so whenever we need them they are handy and stored in the right place where it can be accessed easily. Just search for your country name and see what you can find. You won't be disappointed! We've tried to include a smiley or emoticon for each and every country in the world.

So use these graphics anywhere you like! You can send them on Facbook, in emails or even Instant Messengers such as MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo.

Users of Skype should also check out their selection of flags which can be sent in messages. Eery nation is included and we have all the codes, so check them out.

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