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Confederate Flag Emoticon

Confederate Flag animated emoticon
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If you really like the confederate south, or want to post something southern for your contacts, then you can insert this smiley!!! Like to comment? Then just go ahead and write about this national flag smiley face below!

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User comments (63)

Shadownsmoke said:23 Nov 2017 (11:34)

The harder they try the higher she flies. From out of the ashes of the Civil War and onto today's battlefields of current day America, the Confederate flag leads a new generation of southerners into battle against our northern enemies and their offspring, the minorities of the world. Show your support and fly the Confederate flag with pure white pride. It's okay to be pissed off and full of hate if you so choose. Refuse to listen to any other reasoning, they're just the empty words of our enemies seeking change.
God Bless Dixie!

Anonymous said:10 Nov 2017 (17:27)

How do I download the rebel flag emoji?

Anonymous said:31 Aug 2017 (04:29)

Confederate Flag Emoji

How do I use the code for the Rebel flag and other emojis? Can I download it to use in my text?

Anonymous said:31 Aug 2017 (01:30)

With a CSA cemetery on our NC property, and southern pride, I will never apologize for flying my flag! I never have race on my mind when I look at it, only thoughts of great food, great friends, and courteous neighbors! Those of you which call me racist, get over it! The flag was taken by the Klan, and perverted! It's like saying the dipsh#t that plowed into the BLM sh#tbags, drove a dodge, therefore all dodge owners are racist! Get a hobby, instead of whining like a bitch!

Anonymous said:28 Aug 2017 (01:12)

Is there a way to download it?

Confederate Flag Emo said:25 Aug 2017 (02:11)

I see that you have a Confederate Flag Emoji to use on Facebook, but I would like to have one to put in my emojis to use in text messages. Or have I overlooked how to use the one you have now? Thanks.

Anonymous said:17 Aug 2017 (22:17)

How do I download the confederate flag emoji?

Anonymous said:09 Aug 2017 (11:33)

I don't understand how to insert the flag emoji.

Anonymous said:26 Jul 2017 (02:29)

I want the Confederate flag Emoji too.

Larry D said:24 Jul 2017 (02:22)

Confederate Flag Emoji

Is there any way to download the Confederate Flag Emojis to my cell phone?

Anonymous said:13 Jul 2017 (23:27)

William Tapan Thompson the creator of the current version of the Confederate flag disagreed with those who think it is not a symbol of racism. But let's use the logic of you people. The swastika is a Hindu symbol that was stolen and now known for white supremacism but y'all say no. Right?!

Southern born & bred said:04 Jul 2017 (02:11)

It is a shame that such a proud symbol was confiscated by horrible people like the KKK. Much like the Nazis took the Sanskrit symbol, Swastika. Poor Eastern religions. Not to mention the Rainbow.

Jim monroe said:20 Jun 2017 (03:57)

You're free to think your way and I can and will do the same. My confederate flag will fly, no matter what any of the haters say. Rebel till the day I die!

David said:27 May 2017 (23:51)

How do you use this on Facebook and iPhone?

Anonymous said:19 Feb 2017 (02:43)

Amazing. This is purely amazing kids.

Anonymous said:13 Feb 2017 (21:39)

southern pride- confederate heritage

Misfit81 said:27 Jan 2017 (13:01)

Keep watchin TV you clueless kids..... Southern Heritage!

Anonymous said:27 Jan 2017 (02:47)

I'm black and proud to fly the confederate flag. It doesn't stand for racism unless you make it.

Bethany said:11 Jan 2017 (00:04)

Hell yes... this flag is is heritage not hate.

Anonymous said:10 Jan 2017 (07:55)

The rebel flag has nothing to do with racists. It symbolizes southern pride dumb.

Anonymous said:06 Jan 2017 (22:47)

You guys are all racists and this flag isn't about heritage. Educate yourselves please because your ignorance is sickening.

Anonymous said:05 Jan 2017 (19:46)

You lost, get over it.

Maggs said:08 Dec '16

Its not right that other nationalities can display their heritage flags but I can't display & be proud of my ancestors! B.S! Illegals have more rights than I do!

Elijah Batista said:05 Nov '16

Lmao you guys sound stupid. If that was the case then you wouldn't have a problem if slavery existed again.

Anonymous said:18 Sep '16

How about somebody telling us (who don't know how to use the code) how to?

Joyce said:28 Jul '16

Hooray for Dixie! Keep the battleflag flying high!

Anonymous said:07 Jul '16

Born a rebel!!! Always will support the confederate flag!!! Once a rebel always will be a rebel.

Anonymous said:05 Jul '16

I was born and raised a rebel!

Anonymous said:01 Jul '16

Redneck nation shall survive!

Anonymous said:24 May '16

I love those 13 stars. They make me proud.

Anonymous said:19 May '16

It's my heritage and my right.

Anonymous said:12 May '16

How do I use this? Do I copy the code for the Confederate flag and save it and just paste the code in to make the flag appear?

BDW said:28 Apr '16

Great, Every Southerner needs It....!!!

Anonymous said:25 Apr '16

Heritage! I need that flag

Anonymous said:21 Mar '16

You ain't a true Redneck if you don't have this flag! YEEYEE!!!!!!

Anonymous said:11 Feb '16

Yeah... this makes every American proud...

armed in Dixie. said:04 Feb '16

Confederacy forever. Our bond is like blood and many of us have never even met each other.

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

You might be a redneck ;)

Anonymous said:15 Jan '16

Love it! Need it! Want it! How do I add it to my emoji gallery?

Anonymous said:03 Jan '16


Details for confederate flag

Suggested shortcut: ;confedera
Tags: confederate, flag, south
Filename: confederate-flag-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Confederate Flag emoticon is Animated
  • Confederate Flag icon file size: 7.55 kB (7736)
  • Added on 20 January, 2013
  • Last commented on 23 November, 2017
  • Emoticon category: Country Emoticons

'Confederate Flag' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 49 by 47 pixels and has 47 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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