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Confederate Flag Emoticon

Confederate Flag animated emoticon
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If you really like the confederate south, or want to post something southern for your contacts, then you can insert this smiley!!! Like to comment? Then just go ahead and write about this national flag smiley face below!

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User comments (39)

Maggs said:08 Dec 2016 (19:08)

Its not right that other nationalities can display their heritage flags but I can't display & be proud of my ancestors! B.S! Illegals have more rights than I do!

Anonymous said:18 Sep 2016 (02:45)

How about somebody telling us who doesn't know how to use the code how to.

Joyce said:28 Jul 2016 (22:02)

Hooray for Dixie! Keep the battleflag flying high!

Anonymous said:07 Jul 2016 (05:24)

Born a rebel!!! Always will support the confederate flag!!! Once a rebel always will be a rebel.

Anonymous said:05 Jul 2016 (22:58)

I was born and raised a rebel

Anonymous said:01 Jul 2016 (03:05)

Redneck nation shall survive

Anonymous said:24 May 2016 (03:43)

I love those 13 stars. They make me proud.

Anonymous said:19 May 2016 (18:35)

It's my heritage and my right.

Anonymous said:12 May 2016 (01:37)

How do I use this? Do I copy the code for the Confederate flag and save it and just paste the code in to make the flag appear?

BDW said:28 Apr 2016 (01:03)

Great, Every Southerner needs It....!!!

Anonymous said:25 Apr 2016 (23:51)

Heritage! I need that flag

Anonymous said:21 Mar 2016 (23:08)

You ain't a true Redneck if you don't have this flag! YEEYEE!!!!!!

Anonymous said:11 Feb 2016 (16:18)

Yeah... this makes every American proud...

armed in Dixie. said:04 Feb 2016 (09:12)

Confederacy forever. Our bond is like blood and many of us have never even met each other.

Anonymous said:26 Jan 2016 (00:00)

You might be a redneck ;)

Anonymous said:15 Jan 2016 (16:41)

Love it! Need it! Want it! How do I add it to my emoji gallery?

Anonymous said:03 Jan 2016 (10:11)


Eric Dollar said:23 Dec '15

Keep it flying!! It's my heritage!!

Anonymous said:14 Dec '15

Its heritage not hate, so keep it flying

Obama said:07 Dec '15

Add more Muslims, remove more Confederates.

Anonymous said:03 Dec '15

This flag is the best I love it

Anonymous said:07 Nov '15

It's awesome! Love it!

Anonymous said:27 Oct '15

Peace of the south baby !!!!

Anonymous said:18 Oct '15

Love it...oh yeah.............rebel flag

James said:23 Sep '15

Southern pride would love to share in txt

Anonymous said:23 Sep '15

How do I get the confederate flag emoji?

Alisha said:15 Aug '15

Southern pride baby from the Deep South and I'll always support the rebel flag. Yee yee. Love my country love my flags as well

~Georgia Girl~ said:28 Jul '15

Just gotta say Thank You!!!
So far, this is the only place I could still find an 'emoji' of the
"Confederate Flag" ..'Southern born, Southern bred & Proud of my heritage'!!

Anonymous said:14 Jul '15

Love it 😃 Love it 😃

Anonymous said:13 Jul '15

LOVE IT!! I want it!!!

Anonymous said:10 Jul '15

Where is the app for rebal flag emoji

Anonymous said:10 Jul '15

Need a rebal flag emoji

Anonymous said:09 Jul '15

Can I use this on iphone?

Anonymous said:27 Jun '15

How do I post on fb??

Nemonico said:10 May '15

How do I put this on FB

southernrawker said:30 Jan '14

@Robert_E._Lee, thanks

Robert E. Lee said:10 Sep '13


Animated gifs are not supported on skype

southernrawker said:21 May '13

Also, I use Skype, and I searched Skype, and this turned up, and I wanna use this on Skype, so, yeah

southernrawker said:21 May '13

How do I use this? I'm tryin to figure it out, but, seriously, how?

Details for confederate flag

Suggested shortcut: ;confedera
Tags: confederate, flag, south
Filename: confederate-flag-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Confederate Flag emoticon is Animated
  • Confederate Flag icon file size: 7.55 kB (7736)
  • Added on 20 January, 2013
  • Last commented on 08 December, 2016
  • Emoticon category: Country Emoticons

'Confederate Flag' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 49 by 47 pixels and has 47 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Codes for Confederate Flag

To use the Confederate Flag icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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