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Bird emoticons

These egg-laying, feathered friends of ours come in over 10,000 species! Can you imagine that! One thing is for sure: we can't afford to provide you with that many bird smileys and icons! Every person might have a favorite bird which inhibits his or her particular ecosystem, and when possible it's kept as a pet, such as parrots or songbirds like a Nightingale. While you might think that you know almost all the birds, you’ll come across exotic species which you never knew existed, provided you travel far enough; such as moving to another continent. They take your breath away with their beauty and unique characteristics. We tried to present a collection of common birds here for you. If you have any particular bird in mind, email us and we will do our best to add it to the bird emoticons pack.

excited penguin smiley
Excited Penguin
evil penguin slap smiley
Evil Penguin Slap
smiley with chicken smiley
Smiley with chicken
chicken run smiley
Chicken Run
duck smiley
sick penguin smiley
Sick Penguin
happy feet penguin smiley
Happy Feet Penguin
peacock smiley
cute blue bird crying smiley
Cute Blue Bird Crying
funny chicken smiley
Funny Chicken
bath ducky hello smiley
Bath Ducky Hello
cute blue bird laughing smiley
Cute Blue Bird Laughing
rainbow good morning smiley
Rainbow Good Morning
chick hatching from an egg smiley
Chick Hatching From An Egg
eagle smiley
birdie smiley
love birds smiley
Love Birds
bird pooping smiley
Bird Pooping
penguin cuddle smiley
Penguin Cuddle
a hen that lays golden eggs smiley
A Hen That Lays Golden Eggs
goose smiley
smiley with parrot smiley
Smiley with parrot
hummingbird smiley
pigeons smiley
group dancing penguins smiley
Group Dancing Penguins
crow smiley
cute blue bird waving smiley
Cute Blue Bird waving
peppy dancing penguin smiley
Peppy Dancing Penguin
dancing hatching chicken smiley
Dancing Hatching Chicken
cute penguins smiley
Cute Penguins
chick smiley
angry goose smiley
Angry Goose
bird shit smiley
Bird Shit
slapping penguin smiley
Slapping Penguin
kiwi smiley
peppy penguin funny face smiley
Peppy Penguin Funny Face
waving penguin smiley
Waving Penguin
smiley sitting on egg smiley
Smiley sitting on egg
dreaming penguin smiley
Dreaming Penguin
petting owl smiley
Petting owl
kissing penguin smiley
Kissing Penguin
swan smiley
singing parrot smiley
Singing Parrot
penguin waving goodbye smiley
Penguin Waving Goodbye
socially awkward penguin meme smiley
Socially Awkward Penguin Meme
real life angry bird smiley
Real life Angry Bird
brown duck smiley
Brown Duck
parrot smiley
feeding pigeon smiley
Feeding Pigeon
ostrich smiley
crying penguin smiley
Crying Penguin
smiley bird smiley
Smiley Bird
penguin dancers smiley
Penguin Dancers
turkey snoring smiley
Turkey Snoring
vulture smiley
very happy penguin smiley
Very Happy Penguin
animated penguin smiley
Animated Penguin
bird watching smiley
Bird watching
seagull smiley
penguin wave smiley
Penguin Wave
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Recent Comments:

Very cute and funny!

in eagle on 25 Dec, 2017

Awww I love it! super cute emojis!

in cute blue... on 06 Oct, 2017

Is it a real or a fake penguin?

in evil penguin... on 18 Aug, 2017

This one is a very cute crow emoji. Like!

in scared crow on 15 Jul, 2017

I'd like to use this crow emoji in my facebook posts. Can I get them on my...

in crow on 15 Jul, 2017

Bird smileys

Interesting fact: did you know that birds are a specialized subgroup of dinosaurs?

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