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Hungry smiley faces

Need a smiley for showing your hunger? We're sure you'll find one here. These guys are starving and ready to eat their meals or any food they can find! Send these animated smileys and emoticons on Facebook, MSN, Skype, emails, etc. We hope you like them.

hungry emoticon
big drooling emoticon
Big Drooling
drooling emoticon
lick lips emoticon
Lick Lips
hamburger waving hello emoticon
Hamburger waving hello
smiley face is hungry emoticon
Smiley face is hungry
funny burger wagging long tongue emoticon
Funny Burger Wagging Long Tongue
super hungry emoticon
Super Hungry
angry dog eating emoticon
Angry Dog Eating
very hungry emoticon
Very hungry
full of food emoticon
Full of food
hungry? emoticon
feed me emoticon
Feed Me
refrigerator emoticon
hungry kids emoticon
Hungry kids
hungry bear emoticon
Hungry bear
master chef cooking emoticon
Master Chef Cooking
poo eating fly emoticon
Poo Eating Fly
munching emoticon

There are 19 emoticons in the Hungry smiley faces pack.

Recent Comments:

She hungry she ear to much

in angry dog... on 09 Dec, 2016

OMG so cool. Luv it!!!

in hamburger... on 08 Nov, 2016


in hamburger... on 29 Jul, 2016

I like these post. And have plans to share with some of my fb friends.

in hungry on 12 Jul, 2016

How are you supposed to download them?

in hungry on 22 May, 2016
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