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Cat emoticons

Below, you will find a huge selection of the cutest cat and kitten emoticons and smileys. Cats are the most adorable household pets around the word. They are kept as pets for their unique companionship characteristics. As you can see, they also make great smiley faces! We hope you like them.

dancing cat smiley
Dancing Cat
dancing kitten smiley
Dancing Kitten
cat headphones smiley
Cat Headphones
dancing cat smiley
Dancing Cat
pink kitty purring hug smiley
Pink Kitty Purring Hug
cute kitten sorry smiley
Cute Kitten Sorry
purring kitty smiley
Purring kitty
black cat scratching the screen smiley
Black Cat Scratching the screen
purring cat smiley
Purring cat
laughing happy cat smiley
Laughing Happy Cat
cat hug and love smiley
Cat hug and love
cat fight smiley
Cat Fight
firing cat smiley
Firing Cat
black cat smiley
Black cat
cute black cat waving smiley
Cute Black Cat waving
kitten lick smiley
Kitten Lick
licking cat smiley
Licking cat
black and white cat smiley
Black and White cat
japanese happy cat smiley
Japanese Happy Cat
sleeping kitten smiley
Sleeping kitten
cat doing pushups smiley
Cat Doing Pushups
happy kitten smiley
Happy Kitten
cute kitty with big eyes smiley
Cute Kitty with big eyes
cat attack smiley
Cat attack
cat nap smiley
Cat Nap
ecstatic cat jumping smiley
Ecstatic Cat Jumping
cute kitten smiling smiley
Cute Kitten Smiling
cute kitty smiley
Cute Kitty
crying sad hello kitty smiley
Crying Sad Hello Kitty
sad kitty smiley
Sad Kitty
brown cat smiley
Brown cat
cat with kittens smiley
Cat with kittens
kitty nap smiley
Kitty Nap
colorful cat smiley
Colorful cat
sad crying kitty smiley
Sad crying kitty
cat chasing tail smiley
Cat chasing tail
good luck cat smiley
Good Luck Cat
kitten says hello smiley
Kitten says Hello
sleeping cats smiley
Sleeping cats
sleeping japanese cat smiley
Sleeping Japanese Cat
fluffy white cat waving smiley
Fluffy White Cat waving
cat meow smiley
Cat meow
meow smiley
cat waving smiley
Cat Waving
fluffy white cat crying smiley
Fluffy White Cat Crying
fat white cat shaking no smiley
Fat White Cat Shaking No
cute cat waving goodbye smiley
Cute Cat Waving Goodbye
cat licking smiley
Cat Licking
cute kitten smiley
Cute Kitten
kitty meow hello smiley
Kitty Meow Hello
kitten exclaim smiley
Kitten Exclaim
cat licking paws smiley
Cat licking paws
funny kitten smiley
Funny kitten
kitty cleaning smiley
Kitty cleaning
kitten sorry smiley
Kitten Sorry
sweet kitty smiley
Sweet Kitty
cheerful cat face smiley
Cheerful Cat Face
cute purple glittering cat smiley
Cute Purple Glittering Cat
super cute kitten smiley
Super cute kitten
possessed cat smiley
Possessed Cat
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Recent Comments:

So adorable! i just want to squeeze it!

in cute kitten... on 19 May, 2021

Soz emoji is great!

in cute kitten... on 24 Sep, 2019

So cute, my wife will love this forever.

in kitty cleaning on 08 Aug, 2019

Kitten Emoji is so precious! Great animation. I have this page downloaded but...

in cat doing... on 03 Oct, 2018

Omg omg! so cute!!

in japanese... on 01 Oct, 2018

Cat smileys

Did you know that there are over 60 million in USA alone! They're playful and intelligent and are easily tamed. They absolutely love interacting with humans and are very social animals.

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