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Dancing Cat Emoticon

Dancing Cat animated emoticon
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On this page we have got a new and crazy dancing smiley for you. This cat sure has a lot of funky moves. Dark moss green, flat black, greenish grey, jet black and cool gray are the interesting colors that are used in the icon. It is created with a very extended animation.

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User comments (26)

Anonymous said:11 Oct '17

Not too old to get down

Bonnie said:07 Aug '17

Can any & all of your emojis and related programs be used for Facebook Messenger as well as normal texting?

Kitty said:09 Jul '17

Awesome Cat dancing emoji!! Love it! Love this crazy cat! LOL

Anonymous said:30 Oct '16

How do I put these cat emojis on FB?

Grandma g said:06 Oct '16

Go kaitlyn, life is what u make of it.

Cat emoji said:09 Jun '16

Dancing cat emoji is cute, just so cute. lol XD

allal said:19 Mar '16

Gotta learn this dance!

Carmen said:19 Dec '15

Very Funny Emoji, I love it, Ya! I love most of the cat emojis on your site, but this dancing cat emoji is hilarious!

Dancing Cat Emoji said:25 Oct '15

Hahahahahha He likes to be watched!

KItty Gritty said:03 Aug '15

I love this Dancing cat emoji. I tried both codes and it doesn't seem to appear in my signature for gmail. It did work as part of my signature for a forum, though. wish I could have it inside my emails. love it.

Anonymous said:07 May '15

Really funny dancing emoji, I love the cat!

Anonymous said:20 Sep '14

That's a weird cat!

Anonymous said:15 Mar '14

hahahahahahaha I never knew cats could be so funny!!

(=^;^=) said:25 Jan '14

Here is a text version of the cat emoji: (=^;^=)
So cute ...

duno said:04 Sep '13

amazing cats how cool are u

Anonymous said:11 Jul '13

دوستای گلم یه چند روزی نیستم مواظب خودتون باشید

tessewessedoda said:28 Jan '13

this is soooo funny lol xxx

Anonymous said:17 Jan '13

awesome cat..!!! :D wat a dancer it is..

amigo said:17 Nov '12

(>▲ _▲< ) cat emoticon with mustache

amigo said:17 Nov '12

(▲ _▲) cat face emoticon

koko said:13 Nov '12

Can someone make a cat like this one but moving in gangnam style? that would be very funny. thanks!

Anonymous said:13 Nov '12

is this cat psycho? sorry psy? it should dance gangnam style!!!

kcnjksdnavjj said:13 Nov '12

dancing kittens!!!!!

PP head said:08 Oct '12

So cool, and definitely worth it... it is so awesome, really!! LOL!

cat said:02 Aug '12

naughty but nice very surprising & lovely

Anonymous said:01 Aug '12

wtf lol! he's on speed pills... what did the fu*&% take!?!?

Details for dancing cat

Suggested shortcut: ;dancing
Tags: dancing, cat, cats, animals, funny
Filename: dancing-cat-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Dancing Cat emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing Cat icon file size: 152.63 kB (156290)
  • Added on 01 August, 2012
  • Last commented on 11 October, 2017
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Dancing Cat' is animated in 56 frames, the animation is 2.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 113 by 90 pixels and has 62 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Codes for Dancing Cat

To use the Dancing Cat icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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