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Basketball emoticons

If you don't want to go solo, try a team sport such as basketball which is hugely popular and widely viewed sports all around the world. Don't worry if you aren't very tall. There are professional basketball players who are as short as 1.7 meters! So the height of the player shouldn't be a deterrent if his vertical leap and agility can qualify him for positions such as guards etc. If you don't feel like playing it at all, just have fun with our animated basketball smileys and icons for now! They're all totally free for all to download or use (they can be sent in Facebook, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, blogs, emails, etc). Have fun!

slam dunk smiley
Slam dunk
spinning basketball on finger smiley
Spinning basketball on finger
office basketball smiley
Office basketball
smileys playing basketball smiley
Smileys playing basketball
spinning dunk smiley
Spinning dunk
miami heat basketball smiley
Miami Heat basketball
bouncing ball smiley
Bouncing ball
reverse throw smiley
Reverse throw
playing basketball smiley
Playing basketball
basketball shot smiley
Basketball shot
basketball player smiley
Basketball player
boy dribbling basketball smiley
Boy Dribbling Basketball
missed shot smiley
Missed shot
spinning basketball smiley
Spinning Basketball
basketball player dribble smiley
Basketball player dribble
dribbling smiley
bouncing a basketball smiley
Bouncing a basketball
basketball spinner smiley
Basketball spinner
basketball face smiley
Basketball face
basketball dunk smiley
Basketball dunk
basketball spinning smiley
Basketball Spinning
bouncing basketball smiley
Bouncing Basketball
nothing but net smiley
Nothing But Net
if love is basketball smiley
If Love Is Basketball
basketball smiley
basketball spin smiley
Basketball Spin
ncaa tournament smiley
NCAA Tournament
basketball accident smiley
Basketball accident
free throw smiley
Free throw
dribble smiley
basketball trick smiley
Basketball Trick
balancing basketball smiley
Balancing Basketball

There are 32 emoticons in the Basketball emoticons pack.

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Crave those crazy squares.

in spinning dunk on 16 Mar, 2020

i'm sure they'll figure something out!

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Steven universe okay dokey

in spinning dunk on 31 Dec, 2018

a hamburger? pearl smile!

in basketball... on 29 Dec, 2018

Watch out you're gonna crash ahhhh...

in basketball dunk on 25 Mar, 2018
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