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Heartbroken Emoticons

Are you full of sorrow and pain because of a broken heart? Use these free heartbroken emoticons to show how you feel. Let the animated smileys say it for you.

broken heart emoticon
Broken heart
heart break emoticon
Heart break
breaking heart emoticon
Breaking heart

There are 3 emoticons in the Heartbroken Emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Android phone?? I'm really frustrated trying to figure out how to access,...

in breaking heart on 07 Jun, 2016

It's amazing that our heart makes no noise when it cracks and breaks!

in broken heart on 15 Jul, 2015

:-! A broken-hearted emoji

in broken heart on 20 May, 2015

these are very neat and so very unique.

in broken heart on 22 Sep, 2014

My heart is breaking so hard and I never know when it will stop...

in breaking heart on 09 Sep, 2014

Broken hearted smileys

A broken heart

People experience a wide range of emotions when something or someone breaks our heart, and the pain can be overwhelming. We hope these animated emoticons can help you express these feelings better when you use them. We've tried to include a wide range of heartbroken emoticons for all the different things that people feel when their heart is broken.

We've also got plenty of fun and cheerful emoticons that can help you mend your broken heart. If you believe that time heals all wounds and would like to wait things out, we also have quite a few crying and depressed emoticons that are waiting for you.

Another way that you can show how you feel is by using some of our heartbroken quotes, these are quite popular among MSN and Live Messenger users who put them in their screen names. We really hope you get over your heartbreak and feel better soon.

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