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Broken heart Emoticon

Broken heart animated emoticon
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This is an animated emoticon that shows a heart breaking into two pieces. Use this emoticon when you have a broken heart. As you can see this broken heart mends itself, and so will yours; it just takes a little time. Cool icon with a 3D effect, works in MSN and WLM.

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User comments (34)

Anonymous said:15 Jul '15

It's amazing that our heart makes no noise when it cracks and breaks!

Anonymous said:20 May '15

A broken-hearted emoji

wilma mills said:22 Sep '14

these are very neat and so very unique.

Anonymous said:08 Sep '14

Women are the most poisonous venom in the world because they destroy many lives, so never trust the a lady😢!! Remember that!

Anonymous said:17 Mar '14

:-! type in this on your phone

Anonymous said:22 May '13

good stuff!

LoveBunny said:14 Nov '12

I LUV THESE! And yet, I feel heartbroken looking at the heartbroken smileys.

ashee blue said:29 Jun '12

stUpiD HeArT * CRaZy LoVe !! yOU mAkE my heArT BROKEN !!!

kessie said:04 Mar '12

always heart broken, but i know,i'm strong and answer in everything :

His Gurl said:20 Jan '12

Cute!!!(: I love all the icons(: makes good card things!!

broken love said:04 Oct '11

heart break smiley.

cuteangehl said:03 Oct '11

i really like it....! :))

arta toni said:12 Sep '11

how can you add this icon?

cloud x said:27 Jul '11

i have had a broken heart many times, bfs that cheat suck!! :@

Anonymous said:28 Apr '11

i miss my broken heart :((

Anonymous said:23 Nov '10

we were meant to be for ever and always.what happened? now this is the story of a broken heart. I need more heart broken smileys.

munsell said:06 Nov '10

I'm pretty sure you'd be dead if your heart was actually broken!!! hahaha

Anonymous said:29 Oct '10

Everyminute that goes by is a thought of him :(

OMG...IT JUST ISN'T said:25 Sep '10

One Like Thiss Pleaase ♥ But Broken x

gf said:04 Aug '10

This is really cool, but how can we use it as a facebook emote and send it to others? I don't mean posting it on the wall, but for the actual chat.

Anonymous said:28 Jul '10

i miss my love, so i need this smiley :(

Anonymous said:23 Jul '10

i miss you my love, i need a broken heart to show my pain and suffering :(

flexstahh! said:09 Jul '10

I want one like this: ♥ as a broken heart

Anonymous said:30 Jun '10

i miss my luv i need a broken heart

mwahhharr♥ said:08 Jun '10

I want one like this: ♥ as a broken heart ♥ x

Anonymous said:16 May '10

i neeed a broken heart ,, i missss him ,, i want him back ,, i need thee symbol x x

Vin said:04 May '10

The smiley for broken heart is....=((

Anonymous said:02 May '10

that is awesome in 3D

Anonymous said:15 Feb '10

cool, but i really hope no one is feeling broken hearted on valentine's day :(

CATYYYY :) said:16 Jan '10

in spanish!! xD

yummi said:23 Oct '09

Can you do more heart smileys

Gemma (: said:13 Aug '09

cool smileys (: x
Doo More Smileys Like This There Cool (:

sm1 said:03 Jul '09

these smileys are awesome! love them they are super cute, so thanks for making this website.

Hannagh. said:11 Jun '09

I am looking for a symbol of a broken heart. Not an amimated one, or anything that moves. Can anyone tell me where I can find one?
Email me, add me.

Details for broken heart

Suggested shortcut: ;break1
Tags: Broken, Heart, Heartbreak
Filename: broken-heart.gif

  • The Broken heart emoticon is Animated
  • Broken heart icon file size: 8.08 kB (8275)
  • Added on 29 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Broken heart' is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 2.4 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 43 pixels and has 252 colors.

Codes for Broken heart

To use the Broken heart icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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