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Banana Emoticons

This is our dancing banana emoticon collection, all of the animated emoticons feature the dancing banana and his friends!

dancing banana emoticon
Dancing Banana
big dancing banana emoticon
Big Dancing Banana
mexican dancing banana emoticon
Mexican dancing banana
middle finger dancing banana emoticon
Middle finger dancing banana
animated dancing banana emoticon
Animated dancing banana
smoking rasta dancing banana emoticon
Smoking rasta dancing banana
trippy dancing banana emoticon
Trippy dancing banana
devil dancing banana emoticon
Devil dancing banana
woohoo dancing banana emoticon
Woohoo Dancing Banana
banana with dreadlocks emoticon
Banana with dreadlocks
brian dancing banana emoticon
Brian Dancing Banana
banana riding llama emoticon
Banana riding llama
christmas banana emoticon
Christmas Banana
shooting banana emoticon
Shooting banana
banana emoticon
banana dancing with mario emoticon
Banana dancing with Mario
upside down banana emoticon
Upside down banana
colorful banana emoticon
Colorful Banana
dancing banana with poop picket emoticon
Dancing banana with poop picket
banana skipping rope emoticon
Banana skipping rope
banana on computer emoticon
Banana on Computer
bananas in love emoticon
Bananas in love
dancing banana homer simpson emoticon
Dancing Banana Homer Simpson
i'd hit it banana emoticon
I'd hit it Banana
purple dancing banana emoticon
Purple Dancing Banana
dancing banana warrior emoticon
Dancing Banana Warrior
canadian flag banana emoticon
Canadian Flag Banana
satan banana emoticon
Satan Banana
waving banana emoticon
Waving Banana
batman banana emoticon
Batman banana
baby banana emoticon
Baby banana
banana with bagpipes emoticon
Banana with bagpipes
banana angel emoticon
Banana Angel
banana with kilt emoticon
Banana with Kilt
skiing banana emoticon
Skiing Banana
banana with guitar emoticon
Banana with guitar
space pirate banana emoticon
Space Pirate Banana
banana with axe emoticon
Banana with axe
green banana emoticon
Green Banana
banana in suit emoticon
Banana in suit
blonde banana emoticon
Blonde banana
banana jazz emoticon
Banana Jazz

There are 42 emoticons in the Banana Emoticons pack.

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just foudn this site , all these icosn are so sick !!!! legit blast to the...

in big dancing... on 29 Nov, 2023

I look at these comments with a fondness similar to that of an aged mother...

in dancing banana on 10 Jan, 2023

these emojis are certainly funny

in dancing banana on 26 Oct, 2021

Just drag the emoticon from the above window into your email reply.

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to download right click then click save image and select where to save it

in trippy... on 25 Feb, 2021

Dancing Bananas

The Dancing Banana is recognized as an Internet phenomenon, in the true meaning of the word. Its popularity continues to grow and to this day, users continue to create new versions of the banana with different themes, though the basic dance animation remains the same.

Where did the Banana come from?

This dancing yellow banana gained its legendary popularity after appearing in a late 90's flash clip called Peanut Butter Jelly Time. The clip attracted a a lot of attention and became a worldwide hit, one of the first Internet memes.

The banana slowly made its way into pop culture, making several appearances in TV shows and other media. Variants of the emoticon include dancing carrots, cucumbers, onions and other characters such as Sonic, Mario, Megaman, etc. This banana icon is sometimes incorrectly called the Banana Man. To learn more about the beloved banana and it's history, visit its Wikipedia entry.

The emoticons

Shortly after its debut, thousands of unique and animated dancing banana emoticons were created and used in forums across the Internet. The ":banana:" emoticon shortcut still works in many forums and blogs for displaying the banana animation.

When MSN Messenger allowed the use of animated emoticons, many of the dancing bananas were immediately ported over for use in Messenger. The small size of the banana icon makes it perfect for use in MSN and Windows Live Messenger. We've tested all of our dancing bananas and they work correctly as WLM and MSN emoticons. Just save the GIF images and add them to your Messenger.

You can use these emoticons anywhere: on MSN, WLM, MySpace, forums, bb, and so on. You can either download them, or use the smiley codes to post them online. These banana smileys also work very well as AIM Buddy Icons, so try that if you're an AOL user.

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