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Middle finger dancing banana Emoticon

Middle finger dancing banana animated emoticon
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This dancing banana is not a happy camper, he's pissed off. This banana is dancing while flipping off two big middle fingers, one of the ruder banana emoticons. He has a funny expression on his face too, this can be a good emoticon to tell someone off. We've got lots more middle finger animated emoticons, so view those as well if you like this icon.

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User comments (51)

Anonymous said:11 Jun '18

Text middle finger emoji

Zaydah said:04 Jun '18

Hi there, do you know the steps on how I can get the dancing banana emojis on to my Cell/Mobile phone? I would like to use them in my mms texts, and also Facebook/Messenger. Thank you:)

Lala said:21 Jan '18

Funny but inappropriate

lala said:21 Jan '18

Wow it's very interesting.

Jerry Luna said:23 Jul '15

This banana f##king people off is a classic, I must have it 😍 how can I get it?

Jerry luna said:23 Jul '15

I just love ❤ these f##k off Images 😍

Sonya said:20 Jul '15


Rosetta said:23 Apr '15


Anonymous said:12 Apr '14

lmfao cute LOOOOOL hahahaa

SomeOne said:21 Feb '14

How Do You Get It Onto Your Skype For say?

Anonymous said:16 Jan '14

How do you send these emoji emoticons to some one?

Princessgal said:02 Sep '13


Anonymous said:03 May '13

looks more like two .... -_-

sNOOP lION said:25 Apr '13

HI i'm snoop lion I've got to go bro see ya later

Anonymous said:12 Apr '13

but how to use this emotion in facebook or other websites in comment or private chat?

Anonymous said:07 Apr '13

lol that is way too funny lol i can't breath!

rjr said:17 Mar '13

i do that tooo im 35 years old

Anonymous said:25 Jan '13


:3 said:14 Dec '12


larm said:10 Dec '12

ya i sort of agree with carm

The Stupid said:16 Nov '12

ya. i know. lolololololol

charm said:13 Nov '12

to the previous commenter: You're not that stupid man! some dads really deserve that!! ha ha ha !!

The Stupid said:13 Nov '12

that's what i do to my dad!!!

a person said:07 Nov '12

cool ppls!!!!lol lol

hat poop said:06 Nov '12


Mrs. Know it all ~:P said:30 Jul '12

guys BTW people are asking how u use em, you right hand click em then you go onto PowerPoint then hold ctrl then V... then there in the left top bit of the page, then make it bigger and go onto slideshow to watch it move.

I'm lame said:30 Jul '12

OMG this is just so amazing!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Jun '12

i dont see get it free button..

Anonymous said:16 Jun '12

How do you use these?

Anonymous said:23 May '12


Pizza Lover said:28 Jul '11


Patrick said:16 May '11

(^◇^)I like the finger banana

Anonymous said:24 Feb '11

Lmao !! :3 i lufff it!!!!!

Anonymous said:23 Nov '10

oh I actually love them bananas are my world!!!!

spitz said:17 Oct '10

to Person >:D ?!?
Did you add this?!?

Anonymous said:13 Oct '10

XD Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spitz said:07 Oct '10

:3 Great!!!! I remember..... these.... BANNANAS!!!???

Person >:D said:04 Sep '10

Haha, these bananas are awsomee

Anonymous said:04 Sep '10

ahaahahaahah funni banana

Karamel ♥ said:20 Jun '10

I ♥ luv this one the most!!!! its so funny! =)

Details for middle finger dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :finger
Tags: Middle, Finger, Flip, Bird, Angry, Dancing, Banana
Filename: finger.gif

  • The Middle finger dancing banana emoticon is Animated
  • Middle finger dancing banana icon file size: 1.57 kB (1603)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Middle finger dancing banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 35 pixels and has 8 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Middle finger dancing banana

To use the Middle finger dancing banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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