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Trippy dancing banana Emoticon

Trippy dancing banana animated emoticon
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This emoticon features the original dancing banana but with a freaky and trippy background. The whole dancing banana fad is quite crazy, so this weird background suits it rather well. Maybe the banana took some drugs and is tripping out, we're not sure. Don't stare at this emoticon for too long or you might fall into a trance.

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User comments (71)

Anonymous said:25 Feb '21

to download right click then click save image and select where to save it

Anonymous said:03 May '18

Wow! Vamos muy bien!!

Anonymous said:06 Dec '16

B-A-N-A-N-A what does that spell. BANANA!!!

Anonymous said:06 Dec '16

A very cool and funny dancing banana emoji. lolz. I like it. Five stars from me.

Fredrick said:07 Sep '16

Love the Dancing Banana emojis, the movement is catching, I like to do it myself!

Trippy Emoji said:06 Oct '15

How to download this Trippy dancing emoji?

Anonymous said:07 Jun '15

This emoji is awesome.

ANDREW said:09 May '15


Jesse said:23 Apr '15


Anonymous said:20 Feb '15

Do they work on snapchat?

Beautiful Daniela! said:26 Apr '14

Banana!!!! Me love!

kyle cody said:22 Feb '14

how u download it? how??

Anonymous said:17 Jan '14

How come I can't download this emoticon?

Anonymous said:02 Aug '13

How can I download them? Because there's no downloading option here.

SamanthaNufer said:24 May '13

banana dancing in tie dye trippy :)

SamanthaNufer said:24 May '13

Kinda freaky while the banana dancing in trippy tye dye

zshdkshdkasjdlksajdi said:07 May '13

lol so weird lol so weird

MinecraftGirl said:02 Apr '13

0.0 fast.... And colorful...

rjr said:17 Mar '13

too fast for me how bout u

BOB said:28 Oct '12

╼╼ ╼╼
╰╯ ╰╯

dancing banana said:03 Oct '12

WOW what next a dancing orange LOL!!!

Anonymous said:12 Aug '12

Trippy banana all the way

lala land said:02 Jul '12

lol this is crazy... like I love the dancing banana!!!!

lou121177 said:01 Jul '12

I love bananas, dancing ones!

JJ said:19 Jun '12

This is a cool dancing banana

Anonymous said:07 May '12

but i don't know how to download!

Anonymous said:05 May '12

nice banana dance, i like it really so much.

Anonymous said:01 May '12


Zach said:29 Apr '12

i need the link to it

anomass said:21 Mar '12

how do you downlaod on this site

Anonymous said:17 Mar '12

sick! i downloaded them cause they are bare awesome!

Anonymous said:13 Mar '12

how can I tag them?

Anonymous said:11 Mar '12

why do you what to download them???

Anonymous said:27 Sep '11

how do i download smiley central?

A said:16 Aug '11

Lol I like them all they're so cool especially the dancing devil!

kakiwakimanlovespie said:30 Jul '11

it's the epic bananas.

Pizza Lover said:28 Jul '11

lol i love how the backround colors change like that!!!!!!!

kawaiigirl said:27 May '11

si banana vailando yeah

loverNOThater said:18 May '11

i love the middle finger one

Anonymous said:05 May '11

OMG the BANANAS have been unleashed!!!!!

Details for trippy dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :trippy
Tags: Trip, Freak, Hallucinate, Dancing, Banana
Filename: trippy.gif

  • The Trippy dancing banana emoticon is Animated
  • Trippy dancing banana icon file size: 8.38 kB (8584)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Trippy dancing banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.48 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 39 by 39 pixels and has 252 colors.

Codes for Trippy dancing banana

To use the Trippy dancing banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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