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Devil dancing banana Emoticon

Devil dancing banana animated emoticon
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A version of the dancing banana as the devil himself. This banana comes complete with horns, a tail and goatee! The good old dancing banana is so loved, how can he be evil? Well, I guess we've all got a bit of a dark side, and that includes the beloved banana. The banana is not much of an evil-doer, but it sure makes for a great animated emoticon.

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User comments (28)

Sandy said:27 Jun '18

IPad emojis

Can these action emoticons be used on IPad?

Anonymous said:22 Dec '17

How can I put it on my site?

Luvzterbadz said:21 Dec '17

How can I put devil dancing emojis in my site?

Anonymous said:20 Dec '16

The devil is evil, u shouldn't have that on your website. Do Not Promote Devil!

Blank said:24 Mar '15

Cool but how do you type it as a text emoji?

Ajga said:28 Dec '14

I absolutely love banana smileys, they're so funny. they make me laugh every time I watch them. They never get boring.

Anonymous said:14 May '14

Have a nice day! :3

What'sForLunch? said:28 Oct '12


emoz rox said:03 May '12

That's so totally ME!

Anonymous said:02 May '12

That is awesome.

ChannyCM said:06 Mar '12


Anonymous said:23 Jul '11

Wow. This is so cool. I'm so blogging your emoticons! :)

Anonymous said:13 May '11

Did u actually create them?

Bob's Your Uncle said:10 May '11

Very good emoji. Like dancing devil emoji a lot.

Coolzy said:10 May '11


Anonymous said:11 Feb '11

Hahahahaha love this... It looks just like my wife!!

Annika Girlz said:23 Nov '10


Lilo said:13 Jul '10

Go banana go!
U rock!

#1 fan said:27 Jun '10

Love this banana man emoji!

YMan said:31 May '10

Cool banana emoji!

Cutiegirl said:19 May '10

They're free and you have to download them.

BooWhoo said:27 Mar '10

Whaha, i like this :P

Anonymous said:22 Jan '10

OMG this is AWESOME!!

Kim said:24 Sep '09

Not as evil as it should be! Banana man emojis are sweet!

Anonymous said:31 Aug '09

I like this one but the rest are weird, anyways, love the idea :] ARE THEY FREE :) KIDDING!

Anonymous said:14 Mar '09

Dancing banana emojis are very funny!!

MetalHead said:11 Feb '09

Rasta banana man PWNS!

Anonymous said:17 Jul '08

Very funny stuff, hilarious!

Details for devil dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :devil
Tags: Devil, Evil, Demon, Dancing Banana
Filename: devil.gif

  • The Devil dancing banana emoticon is Animated
  • Devil dancing banana icon file size: 2.89 kB (2958)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Devil dancing banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops 1001 times. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 35 pixels and has 36 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Devil dancing banana

To use the Devil dancing banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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