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Dancing Banana Emoticon

Dancing Banana animated emoticon
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This is the original and very first dancing banana emoticon that stared the whole craze. This emoticon is a must have for any collection of dancing bananas. This animated emoticon works perfect with MSN/Live messenger and other places. You can use the below codes for posting on forums, BB, MySpace, Bebo and more. Oh yeah, it's peanut butter jelly time!

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User comments (163)

Anonymous said:10 Jan (10:15)

I look at these comments with a fondness similar to that of an aged mother reminiscing the days of her youth with her newborn child.

Anonymous said:26 Oct '21

these emojis are certainly funny

Anonymous said:11 Oct '18

Did you forget me? I'm the freshest in the bunch and was looking forward to going to work with you ...

Anonymous said:19 Jun '16


Cool Emoji said:18 Jun '16

love it. Just awesome.

Lisa said:27 May '16

How do I insert an emoticon into an email I'm sending?

Anonymous said:12 May '16

Hi there, I absolutely love these, fantastic and so funny!! I was wondering if anyone knows the steps to adding these awesome Bananas to my Messenger on Facebook? Thank you!

patty said:16 Apr '16

Dancing Bananas, my favorite fruit!

Dancing Banana said:13 Mar '16

Wow! I love the animated dancing banana, it is so nice.

Anonymous said:13 Feb '16

Still my very fave as I find them hilarious and in good taste!

Banana Emojis said:19 Nov '15

Lmao! It's so funny how they are dancing!

Banana Emojis said:05 Nov '15

The coolest emojis ever!!

Banana Emojis said:29 Sep '15

I luv banana emoticons! Bananas 4-ever!! (It's weird cuz I actually hate eating bananas; they're discusting!) ;)

Team America said:15 Jun '15

Why we cannot put this emoji in Skype?

Joey said:12 May '15

Can you make an emoji banana dancing on the toilet? That would be very funny!

Anonymous said:11 Feb '15

Wow I love the trippy dancing banana emoji, it is so awsome. Can you make it look like a real person doing it though?

Anonymous said:17 Jan '15

How to save it in my PC?

Curious1 said:01 Jan '15

How do I put these on Facebook?

justinbiber said:06 Nov '14

I love you pretty Chanice!

prettychancie said:06 Nov '14

Can u make a baby banana crying?

:) said:06 Nov '14

Can you make a girl and a boy falling in love?

shan said:30 Oct '14

Kya karna padega isme

matt said:09 Sep '14

Why it won't work for me?? but it looks awesome.

Caleb Lesley said:27 Jun '14

It's peanut butter jelly time.

Anonymous said:20 Apr '14

Wow I love them. They're so good, I like the one called trippy dancing banana!!!

Anonymous said:26 Mar '14

Can you guys make holiday dancing bananas? I know there's Santa Claus but can you make more please??

Jera said:26 Jan '14

So so cute! Love it.

Anonymous said:04 Jan '14

Awesome dancing banana smiley!

artem said:13 Dec '13

I like the animated one.

Anonymous said:13 Dec '13

i like big dancing banana.....

Nathon said:10 Dec '13

Awesome come and try this website tell your friends

banana said:05 Dec '13

LOL I like the baby banana!

Anonymous said:26 Oct '13

They r soooo cute and funny!!!:)

Amber said:11 Oct '13

how do you put these on facebook chat? does anyone know?

Anonymous said:08 Oct '13

ha ha ha ha!

John A Gari said:05 Oct '13


Jayda Lee Haze said:04 Oct '13

omg so cute I wanna down load it

joe said:01 Oct '13

the peanut butter jelly time is so funny its a dacing banana in real life so did you see it before

Anonymous said:29 Sep '13

you can find these in Q messenger.

NOPE. said:26 Sep '13

Wow thats really cool.

Details for dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :banana
Tags: Dance, Banana, Dancing, Peanut, Butter, Jelly
Filename: banana.gif

  • The Dancing Banana emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing Banana icon file size: 1.57 kB (1606)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Dancing Banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 35 pixels and has 8 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Dancing Banana

To use the Dancing Banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Dancing Bananas emoticons like the dancing banana icon, visit the Banana Emoticons pack.

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