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Hidden Emoticons

Welcome to the most complete hidden emoticons page on the Internet, listing all hidden smileys and secret emoticons!

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What are hidden emoticons and smileys?

Hidden emoticons or smileys are those icons which generally can't be found in the official emoticon menu of the instant messaging program that you are using, even though they're standard and official smileys. Because they are not visible in the menus, they are often called "hidden" or "secret" emoticons.

In order to send them across, you have to directly type the relevant keyboard shortcut (emoticon codes) into your instant messenger chat window and send your message. Once you type the secret code you will see the hidden emoticon or smiley appear, and your IM buddy will also receive the hidden smiley you entered. For example, if you type (brb) in an MSN/Live Messenger chat (BRB is an acronym for "be right back"), this hidden smiley will appear Hidden BRB Emoticon from MSN.

Share the secret!

At this point, if your friend doesn't know about the secret emoticons that are hidden, they will most probably ask you where you got that emoticon, as they can't see it in the emoticon list, because they're secret emoticons! Remember that sharing is caring; don't be secretive about the hidden emoticons as there's no point in hiding them from your friends. You would probably not like it if they hid the emoticons from you.

Hidden emoticon origins

There are hidden smileys and secret emoticons present in MSN or Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Skype, in order to add some extra fun and excitement to your IM experience.

We're not sure about the exact origin of these hidden icons, but they've been there for many years, long before custom and animated emoticons came along. It may have began with the developers running out of space in the emoticon menu, or maybe they thought that hiding emoticons would add excitement and cause a buzz, which is precisely what happened.

New hidden emoticons are often added to IM chat clients, and we try to list the latest emoticons here. Do you know of any hidden smileys that we have not listed? You can tell us your emoticon codes using our contact form.

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