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Smiling emoticons

There may be hundreds of languages spoken by people across the world, and your smile can speak them all. Apart from being a universal sign of happiness and satisfaction, smiling has some fascinating effects and health benefits too. As a matter of fact, it's where emoticons come from! It can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, boost your mood, bring longevity, helps you to stay positive, makes you look more attractive, and it's contagious; they say smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you weep alone. Did you know that people who smile more often make more money than those who don't? So keep smiling and keeping sending these free smiley faces along to share the good times!

happy nodding smiley face smiley
Happy Nodding Smiley Face
cute 3d smiling smiley
Cute 3D smiling
happy wink smiley
Happy wink
mischievous grin smiley
Mischievous Grin
big thumbs up smiley
Big Thumbs Up
happy smiley face smiley
Happy Smiley Face
free happy smile smiley
Free Happy Smile
sheepish grin smiley
Sheepish Grin
feeling good smiley
Feeling Good
big grin smiley
Big grin
ear to ear smiling smiley
Ear to Ear Smiling
good job smiley
Good job
happy birthday trampoline smiley
Happy Birthday Trampoline
smiley says yes smiley
Smiley Says Yes
big teeth smiley
Big Teeth
flirty smile smiley
Flirty Smile
smiling tooth smiley
Smiling tooth
nodding yes by a very happy smiley
Nodding Yes by a Very Happy
happy birthday you! smiley
Happy Birthday You!
smiling with braces smiley
Smiling with braces
tongue out smiley
Tongue Out
animated msn big grin smiley
Animated MSN Big Grin
classic happy smiley face smiley
Classic Happy Smiley Face
blushing smile smiley
Blushing Smile
fb chat smiling smiley
FB Chat Smiling
big cheesy smile smiley
Big Cheesy Smile
cheeky smile smiley
Cheeky Smile
fake smile smiley
Fake Smile
funny smiling face smiley
Funny Smiling Face
cheeky smiling smiley
Cheeky Smiling
shy smile smiley
Shy Smile
big happy face smiley
Big Happy Face
big smile smiley
Big Smile
sunglasses smiley
singing happy smiley
Singing Happy
sweet love smiley
Sweet Love
big black smile smiley
Big black Smile
celebrating smiley
devilish grin smiley
Devilish Grin
evil grin smiley
Evil Grin
you rock! smiley
You Rock!
evil look smiley
Evil look
cheesy grin smiley
Cheesy Grin
happy yes smiley
Happy Yes
cute kitten smiling smiley
Cute Kitten Smiling
toothy smile smiley
Toothy Smile
sheepish smile smiley
Sheepish Smile
wink and smile smiley
Wink and Smile
huge thumbs up smiley
Huge Thumbs up
using shaving cream and razor smiley
Using Shaving cream and Razor
widely grinning smiley
Widely Grinning
nodding yes and winking smiley
Nodding Yes and Winking
baby seal smiley
Baby Seal
evil smile smiley
Evil Smile
embarrassed smile smiley
Embarrassed Smile
drawing the love sign smiley
Drawing the Love Sign
cute smiling smiley
Cute Smiling
grin smiley
volleyball smiley
supper happy face smiley
Supper Happy Face
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Recent Comments:

Happy birthday to my youngest son!

in happy... on 20 Jan, 2018

how is this a "shy smile??" nothing shy about that face....

in shy smile on 20 Dec, 2017

I LOVE IT! can you send me that emoji download please or tell me how to get it?

in baby seal on 11 Nov, 2017

Hope it's a good day for you Len. Love from Joan and Rich

in happy... on 01 Nov, 2017

Thanks... great animated cartoon emojis

in happy wink on 29 Oct, 2017

Smiling smileys

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa

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