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Big Dancing Banana Emoticon

Big Dancing Banana animated emoticon
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Not all cheerleading dancing banana smiley faces are made the same! This is the supreme animation. Tough, it is made of a somewhat short motion sequence.

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User comments (45)

Anonymous said:05 Dec '16

These are really cool but without a way to download they're worthless!

nimox said:22 Nov '16

joss boss f

This is how I feel when I am in the dance moode

Anonymous said:19 Nov '16

it goes through 20 images over the time you are look at the image but really you are looking at 20 images

Pete said:18 Jul '16

yet there's no where on this site to download them

John said:24 May '16

He is dancing simply because he is "HAPPY"!! Is it really hard to understand folks? X'D

Anonymous said:31 Mar '16

wtf! the banana is dancing!

Anonymous said:30 Mar '16

Cool banana but Y is it dancing? I don't get it.

Anonymous said:10 Feb '16

I just don't get the banana. Why is he dancing?

trippyG said:04 Feb '16

Oh Yeah! That's what I'm all about.

Anonymous said:30 Dec '15

Maybe... possibly... :banana:

Anonymous said:29 Dec '15


guy10101 said:19 Nov '15

it goes through 20 images over the time you are look at the image but really you are looking at 20 images

banana said:22 Sep '15

How does the picture move

Anonymous said:10 Jul '15

How can I get these on my Samsung Galaxy??

A person said:20 Jun '15

Love it you need to pût a tutorial on how to do it

Anonymous said:27 May '15

love it best anamtion ever

Misha Buchan said:09 May '15

Love it so muuuchh I love it more than I love my family friends and pets woo hoo it's brilliant

Anonymous said:09 May '15

Love it I do this at school and I get into trouble (whoops)

Anonymous said:05 May '15

We encanta esta an nitidis

Pararero said:28 Apr '15

I Want To Use It In FACEBOOK Too...

Ajit said:16 Mar '15

Ugh! Banana cheerleader.

Julius said:22 Dec '14

It's not that big.

Anonymous said:13 Dec '14

Awesome! ha ha love it :):):)

Anonymous said:12 Dec '14

It's Friday wahooooo!! 5pm

Anonymous said:06 Dec '14

This is how I feel when I am in the dance moode

jb said:28 Nov '14

Cool dancing bananas:)

pretty chanice said:28 Nov '14

Cool dancing. Bananas are awesome.

Anonymous said:15 Nov '14

I love dancing bananas.

Anonymous said:15 Nov '14

I'm confused o.O what code? and where do i put it?

Anonymous said:06 Nov '14

Banana Dude

Anonymous said:30 Apr '14

Hi. My name is Mike and i like bananas!

Amazed said:16 Feb '14

funny... super funny

mina said:19 Jan '14

hi im mina and im 15

Anonymous said:14 Dec '13

where is the code??

Anonymous said:26 Oct '13

Where is the code??

Anonymous said:14 Oct '13

where is the code???

Anonymous said:12 Oct '13

Where is the code???

tinnit said:18 Sep '13

Where is the code???

Anonymous said:05 Sep '13

i pissed myself looking at all of them!!!

Anonymous said:25 Aug '13

How can i se it in we chat?

Details for big dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: ;dancing
Tags: happy, facial expressions, dancing banana, cheering, moods, cheerleader, cheerleading dancing banana, banana, dancing
Filename: big-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Big Dancing Banana emoticon is Animated
  • Big Dancing Banana icon file size: 41.40 kB (42395)
  • Added on 06 October, 2012
  • Last commented on 05 December, 2016
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Big Dancing Banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 135 by 133 pixels and has 254 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Codes for Big Dancing Banana

To use the Big Dancing Banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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