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Mexican dancing banana Emoticon

Mexican dancing banana animated emoticon
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A Mexican dancing banana, complete with hair, a mustache and sombrero! A great animated banana if you need one with a Spanish or Hispanic theme. We all know that Mexicans love to party (or should that be fiesta), so this emoticon fits the bill perfectly. Actually, we're not really sure if he is Mexican, he could be any type of Hispanic from Latin America.

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User comments (69)

Anonymous said:13 Sep '17

Hi... hope all is well.

Anonymous said:09 Aug '16

Cute little Mexican dancing banana man emoji

Mexican Emoji said:03 Dec '15

These are cute Dancing Banana emojis. I like the Mexican dancing banana emojis. I'm from Mexico, I love eating bananas and I love dancing. Oh I mention that I love emojis too? Hahahaha!

A person said:20 Jun '15

I love to party even though I'm not Mexican! but I don't know any banana emoji that doesn't love to party!

Abisai said:06 Jun '15

Sick banana emoji! and it's a Mexican! lol very cool

Anonymous said:23 May '15

Nice! Very cool banana emoji! 👍

Anonymous said:12 May '15

Hot bananas=Nice things=Nice emojis!

Anonymous said:07 May '15


Anonymous said:25 Apr '15

This Mexican emoji is so cool, I love them all.

Anonymous said:08 Nov '14

Happy Saturday to you...

coco martin said:17 May '14

dang! jalapenos!

Anonymous said:16 Apr '14

Muy Grande Compadre!!

Anonymous said:16 Jan '14

Pls how to download this app? Thanks.

Anonymous said:13 Jan '14

Where do I download the dancing Mexican emoji from?

Anonymous said:11 Nov '13

Very Funny. Like them all.

Anonymous said:31 Oct '13

Like them so much. How can I get them downloaded to my phone?

BANANA IN PJS said:30 Oct '13

So freaking awesome! What's next?

Anonymous said:13 Dec '12

before Family Guy, this was a popular image on the internet. That's what Family Guy was spoofing..

Anonymous said:02 Dec '12

this is like Brian dancing in family guy

DOUBLE DUTCH said:08 Nov '12


I said:07 Nov '12

this is truly funny....

BOB said:28 Oct '12

lol and Brian, too
gotta luv it.

dancing banana said:03 Oct '12


Anonymous said:16 Jul '12

What is the code I really want it come on it is hilarious

banannas i love you said:22 Nov '11

i love banannas. banannas are awesome. me love banannas

Anonymous said:27 Oct '11

SHOOTING BANANA! thass wassup (;

Anonymous said:03 Oct '11

i love it hahahaha! it's funny!

Cindy (: said:22 Sep '11

:{D Pure Mexican

noeArtists said:31 Jul '11

to the artist who commented below: I have a better idea, what if you make one Mexican hat and place the dancing poop on top of it!! omg... that would hilarious!! let's do it please!

I said:31 Jul '11

I've always wanted to be a Mexican Dancing Banana!!! They're so cool!!!

artist said:30 Jul '11

Here is an idea: we can have a Mexican hat with a dancing banana on top it. What do you think?

Anonymous said:10 Jul '11


Anonymous17 said:15 Jun '11

looooool dancing poo!!!!

Dancingbanna!!HA HA! said:10 Apr '11

Funny! But they shoul'nt have rude emotions!!!!

u said:01 Apr '11

omg die banana he he!

gabby said:29 Mar '11

naaawww little bananas

Anonymous said:10 Mar '11

luff this bananna soooooo much lol

Anonymous said:03 Mar '11

awesome and also really cool!!!

??? said:20 Feb '11

How do you get this??? I am so confused.

apala said:19 Feb '11

e massa falo galera so pra quem curte a massa

Details for mexican dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :fiesta
Tags: Mexico, Hispanic, Fiesta, Dancing, Banana
Filename: mexican.gif

  • The Mexican dancing banana emoticon is Animated
  • Mexican dancing banana icon file size: 6.66 kB (6822)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Mexican dancing banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 1.6 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 85 by 85 pixels and has 71 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Mexican dancing banana

To use the Mexican dancing banana icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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