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Smoking rasta dancing banana Emoticon

Smoking rasta dancing banana animated emoticon
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Here is a rasta version of the banana emoticon. This guy has an afro in the traditional rasta colors and is smoking what looks to be a joint. We're not sure if he's Jamaican, but he sure dances pretty well for a guy with bloodshot eyes. Oh, and don't forget his matching gloves and shoes, mun! If you like this animated emoticon, check out the other smoking emoticons we've got on the site.

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User comments (31)

Anonymous said:13 Sep '16

That smoking Rasta emoji is so funny because it looks like my MUM!!

Anonymous said:06 Mar '16

Funny, cool, hipster...

Anonymous said:12 Oct '15

joint and the Rastafarian Movement :)

Anonymous said:06 Oct '13

That's a funny dance!

Lmoosh kat said:11 Aug '13

Really funny banana i loved it :D

Anonymous said:27 Jul '13

LOL im LMFAO I like the Rasta banana :)

Anonymous said:12 Jun '13

it's good.

demonio said:19 Mar '13

Awsome funny cute love it

Anonymous said:02 Jan '13

i just love this one cause weed is the best lol joking!!

dewaynii ebeneyah said:08 Dec '12

Ya this is awesome, banana smoking weed!

Ms.Buttmunch said:28 Oct '12

You see kids? These are the kind of things you see when you get high...

Anonymous said:30 Aug '11


noeArtists said:31 Jul '11


Anonymous said:23 May '11

hahaha, what a funny animation this is.

5150 said:13 May '11

nice rasta animation, mon!

sarina said:05 May '11

thats freakin halariious

Anonymous said:23 Feb '11

shake that bum!! LOL

Anonymous said:04 Sep '10

how do i download it ??? it wont let me download it!

klod said:25 Mar '10

yeah burn down the net! lol!

Nosmoking:DD said:29 Jan '10

Lol! No smoking please :D You can't smoke around here!!

Little Jacob said:08 Dec '09

LOL! long live Jamaica and all my Rastafarian brothers. Peace out.

amber said:24 Nov '09

one fliking every body off lol just saying jk

amber said:24 Nov '09

the weed one is cool lol jk

kimmy or kylee said:24 Sep '09

don't smoke delicius banana

! said:01 Jul '09

haha yeah, i wanna smoke a joint right now!

Anonymous said:02 May '09

Thats not your banana, I made it about 8 years ago you thief. like what you have done with it, slow the trippy one down

Anonymous said:01 May '09

nicccceeeeeeeeeeeee onee

Anonymous said:17 Apr '09

I love all the icons

Anonymous said:14 Apr '09

:D......... Nice work!

Anonymous said:03 Jun '08

geil banane

funny said:04 Apr '08

good and funny lol i love it hehe
everyone will like it

Details for smoking rasta dancing banana

Suggested shortcut: :rastna
Tags: Smoking, Smoke, Cannabis, Weed, Rastafari, Jamaica, Dancing, Banana
Filename: rasta.gif

  • The Smoking rasta dancing banana emoticon is Animated
  • Smoking rasta dancing banana icon file size: 2.63 kB (2689)
  • Added on 03 April, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Smoking rasta dancing banana' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 1.6 seconds long and loops 1001 times. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 45 pixels and has 9 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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