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Weed Emoticon

Weed animated emoticon
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This animated weed emoticon shows a cannabis or marijuana leaf that's turned into a joint. The joint is then lit up and smoked real quick. This one of the better weed icons, but the animation is a little bit too quick for our liking.

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User comments (64)

Anonymous said:21 Apr '22

How can I post this emoticons on any app

Chris said:09 Jun '21

Would these work for snapchat?

Anonymous said:17 Mar '21

Glitter weed emoticon (Drug emoticons)

Anonymous said:17 Jan '21

Good one!

Anonymous said:06 Jun '20

drugs are bad!!! no drugs for my kids they will grow up Big and Strong

Anonymous said:23 Aug '19

I need some copy and paste dope emojis.

Weedy Person said:04 Jul '19

Great weedy emoji stuff

Anonymous said:17 Aug '18

These emojis don't work for me, are there any copy & paste emojis that work?

Anonymous said:17 May '18

I need some copy and paste dope emojis.

Dopey Emoji said:17 Jul '17

I need some copy and paste dope emojis.

Anonymous said:18 May '17

Thanks. Awsome. How to download?

Anonymous said:20 Apr '17

Happy with this emoji

Anonymous said:20 Apr '17

Thanks for your efforts to bring us all these cool emojis on this website for free. Keep up the good work! God bless!

Anonymous said:20 Apr '17

Weed animated emoticons and emojis are very useful to me!

Anonymous said:06 Jul '16

Weed emojis hehe, does it work on facebook and gchat?

Weed Leaf Emoji said:20 Jun '16

Dig it Man... loving it!

Bong Emoji said:09 Jun '16

How to download the emojis? They're cool.

Anonymous said:01 Apr '16

How to download?

Kamel said:11 Mar '16

How do I download these emojis?

Anonymous said:05 Mar '16

Love them all, but how do I download these?

Doping emoji said:29 Nov '15

Funny emoji! Laughed till I pissed my self!

Weedy Emoji said:03 Oct '15

Very good Pot emojis

Stoned said:25 Sep '15

I love weed! I love smoking weed! I love weed emojis and emoticons!!

Abracadabra said:27 Jul '15

LMAO 😂 These are the best emoticons, Look cute.

Lillly 💚 Carzaa said:21 Jul '15

I love weed so much!

Oogloo said:20 Jul '15

Is it possible to download these emojis?

Tineka said:30 Jun '15

I don't think u can download these emojis

Yasmin said:30 Apr '15

Smoking banana emoji? Yeah!

becca said:03 Jan '15

This is so confusing:(

Anonymous said:01 Dec '14

I need some now;) need to get doped!!

Anonymous said:24 Nov '14

How do I download? Please tell me>

idk said:24 Nov '14

How do I download and text these emojis?

Anonymous said:25 Jul '14

So how do u download these?

Anonymous said:24 Nov '13

How to download the smileys? I don't see a button for download.

Austin said:29 Sep '13

How do I use them on I MSG?

Anonymous said:27 Nov '12

how do i use these in skype

anonymous said:06 Nov '12

How can i use this in facebook??

Anonymous said:03 Nov '12

how can i post in facebook?

caal said:01 May '12

Não use drogas só fume (Do not use drugs only smoke)!

SLyfoX999 said:27 Apr '12

I wish they had this on facebook

Details for weed

Suggested shortcut: ;weed1
Tags: Weed, Joint, Smoke, Marijuana
Filename: weed.gif

  • The Weed emoticon is Animated
  • Weed icon file size: 9.56 kB (9789)
  • Added on 20 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Weed' is animated in 24 frames, the animation is 0.81 seconds long and loops 1001 times. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 244 colors.

Codes for Weed

To use the Weed icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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