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Smileys getting high Emoticon

Smileys getting high animated emoticon
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Here are two smileys who are totally getting high, complete with red blood-shot eyes. They are passing a joint between each other and taking puffs from it. Remember, sharing is caring! So next time you're getting stoned, be sure to pass it along. We love the details in this animation, and we hope that you like it too. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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User comments (40)

Anonymous said:26 Sep '19

What is the point in having these emojis if no one can tell you how to add them to SMS messages. Obviously you can use them on Facebook. You can put anything on Facebook. I'm talking about seeing them in messages.

Anonymous said:08 Aug '19

Cool, got to express yourself somehow.

Anonymous said:11 Aug '18

Awesome! That's what we all like doing every day!

Tim said:13 Aug '16

Can't get these emojis downloaded on my iphone. WHY?

Dave said:04 Aug '16

Best drug emojis I've ever seen before! (But I don't mean to advocate drug use or getting high on any substance).

Anonymous said:18 May '16

Love getting high!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Mar '16

I would like to download or be able to add them to a text. How?

Anonymous said:10 Mar '16

It'd be great to have it available for purchase tough!

Anonymous said:19 Feb '16

Comment le télécharger?

Getting High Emoji said:20 Nov '15

How do I download these emojis?

High Emoji said:28 Oct '15

I love getting high like this emoji...

bethesdacam said:27 Jun '15

For those of you who would like to use this or any other smiley in Facebook, right click the image and click on "View Image". Then, copy the url bar and copy into a facebook message, status, etc.

Anonymous said:25 Jul '14

Happy Birthday, Hope this is a wonderful day for u. Love u!

Katlego Rakoma said:20 Jul '14

Love this emotions(y)

Anonymous said:09 Jul '14

How do you download these to use them?

Anonymous said:02 Jun '14

I'm high powered by LOVE not the drugs!

onchannel said:15 May '14

nice website with lots of interesting emoticons.

Anonymous said:14 Apr '14

Young people should or shouldn't get high? That's the one million dollar question.

Anonymous said:03 Jan '14

So how do u put it on facebook? I've seen this question asked before but I guess there isn't any support to answer us.

Tara said:29 Dec '13

You are gonna love it ... promise!

Anonymous said:29 Dec '13

The pic shows it all! How funny ... hahaha

pj said:01 Oct '13

I luv them they r cute

Anonymous said:16 Aug '13

I copied the code but it didn't work and cant find troubleshooting. Any tips?

Anonymous said:16 Aug '13

It doesnt work on facebook chat!

akudiacom said:07 Aug '13

niceee site for all emoticon

Ross said:02 Aug '13

How to add this in facebook status?

dghhhhhhh said:27 Jun '13

where is the code?... I like this and how can i get those stuff?

Anonymous said:19 May '13

how do i get it on fb?

Anonymous said:08 May '13

i got it in ma system

Anonymous said:20 Mar '13

Smiley smoking a bong is Stoned.

pottypie said:19 Feb '13

that's soooo CUTE hahahahahahaha seriously they're adorable.... stay high!

Anonymous said:06 Dec '12

Can I add these to my text messages?

@KushHead_Dre said:15 Nov '12

how do u put them on facebook??

Kapo said:09 Jun '12

click on the codes box to get them bro!

Kapo said:09 Jun '12

you mean you wanna know how to make a joint?!! just kidding!!

i love emotes said:07 Jun '12

what's the codes for the high smileys?

Anonymous said:26 Sep '11

i wanna know how to do them.

Anonymous said:23 Jun '11

wonderful icon! thanx for the share

Anonymous said:09 Jun '11

iniiii dat reminds me of me n my mate..gettin high 2gevaaa loool

Anonymous said:20 Apr '11

i love the smileys getting high together

Details for smileys getting high

Suggested shortcut: ;weed
Tags: Smoking, Joint, Weed, Marijuana, High
Filename: smileys-passing-joint.gif

  • The Smileys getting high emoticon is Animated
  • Smileys getting high icon file size: 39.46 kB (40409)
  • Added on 04 March, 2011
  • Last commented on 26 September, 2019
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Smileys getting high' is animated in 41 frames, the animation is 5.58 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 116 by 73 pixels and has 40 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing 20 of 42 frames.

Codes for Smileys getting high

To use the Smileys getting high icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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