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Smiley smoking a bong Emoticon

Smiley smoking a bong animated emoticon
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Here is an animated smiley who is smoking his bong. He takes a deep puff and the marijuana smoke goes all over the place! We think this is a pretty cool emoticon, but we certainly do not encourage the use of illicit drugs. But you have to admit, this is a pretty funny icon. This smiley face is a stoner who loves to take a hit from the bong!

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User comments (35)

Anonymous said:26 Jan '22

Good Job! Nice emoji.

Anonymous said:04 Jun '19

I would like to have Smiley smoking a bong emoticon on my phone and to be able to use it in my social media posts. How?

Melanie said:28 May '19

Is copy and paste possible for bong emojicons?

Anonymous said:25 Jul '15

☺ where do I type this code for stoner smilies and emojis?

Anonymous said:05 Jul '15

Smiley smoking a bong animated emoticon

Bong Expert said:04 Jun '15

That bong emoji is backwards bro, he's smoking out of the down stem and lighting the carb.

Anonymous said:04 Apr '15

copy emoji/image url then paste on someones page, blog, fb wall etc. Simple!

Anonymous said:22 Mar '15

To work you just gotta save the image and send it to somebody, it will move.

The Dude said:02 Mar '15

And This Emoji Doesn't Work on Facebook, Nor Does it on Sanpchat!

The Dude said:02 Mar '15

This Emoji Dude Smoking Out The Stem -.-

Anonymous said:01 Mar '15

Do these smoking smileys work on facebook or skpye?

Hatfields_erva_sativ said:17 Aug '14

eai sóbora fumar uma erva no bong??

Anonymous said:17 Jul '14

what is going on?

Anonymous said:29 Jan '14

Got some?!

בעילום שם said:18 Dec '13

That emoticon must be high off something else to be smoking that bong the wrong way. It is not a Reese's.

YH said:06 Oct '13

How can i use it on facebook chat?

crazycatlady said:28 Sep '13

How do I get this emoticon to work in IM on facebook?

Prince de'mogul said:24 Jun '13

Living the life of a real smoker everyday I need the codes for this smoking emoticon!LOL

Anonymous said:12 Jun '13

where would I get this one for Chat

marfree99 said:10 Jun '13

i love this chet sdadfwefef

420god said:28 Mar '13

if you use it like that bong water gets through

Anonymous said:24 Feb '13

No he's doing it right, if u smoke the bong that way you get like ten times higher 😆

Anonymous said:20 Feb '13

lol its smoking the bong the wrong way

Anonymous said:17 Feb '13

hello any1 there i would like some help

Anonymous said:17 Feb '13

so how do i paste it on fb

420darth said:02 Oct '12

That dude's smoking out of the wrong place... he's about to get a mouthful of bong water.

crimson said:29 Sep '12

lol...lots of experts here!!!

Anonymous said:29 Sep '12

haha he is! it should be from the top not the pipe!!

sasha said:28 Sep '12

what's the right way to smoke the bong then?!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Sep '12

He's smoking the bong wrong.. Am I the only one to notice?

Anonymous said:05 Feb '12

Yeah always smoke some weed

Stoney said:29 Jun '11

Ich will alle :) die sind mega geil

Panzaweste said:29 Jun '11

Echt geil aber alle ! :)

Anonymous said:22 Apr '11

how do i get these to go to my desktop

LAPD said:06 Mar '11

Smoke weed every day... lighting up a blunt right now.

Details for smiley smoking a bong

Suggested shortcut: ;bong
Tags: Marijuana, Weed, Smoke, bong, High
Filename: smiley-smoking-bong.gif

  • The Smiley smoking a bong emoticon is Animated
  • Smiley smoking a bong icon file size: 11.79 kB (12076)
  • Added on 04 March, 2011
  • Last commented on 26 January, 2022
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Smiley smoking a bong' is animated in 20 frames, the animation is 4.95 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 49 by 69 pixels and has 180 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing 20 of 21 frames.

Codes for Smiley smoking a bong

To use the Smiley smoking a bong icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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