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Stoned Emoticon

Stoned animated emoticon
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Here is a smiley who is totally stoned! This dude is off his face from smoking that big fat joint and you can tell just by looking at his eyes. While we don't condone recreational pot usage, we also have to accept that this has increased in today's society. So instead of talking to this emoticon about his drug habit we should just let him chill out.

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User comments (48)

Per said:01 Oct '19

Show me one cannabis emoji smiley to cut and paste? There are obvioulsy no one... a hidden market maybe?

Anonymous said:12 Nov '18

That cake looks good! Man ....

A Stoned Emoji said:13 Aug '17

A nice animated Stoned emoji

Anonymous said:12 Jul '17

I really like this stoned emoji. It's Great.

Anonymous said:28 Jun '17

Hold down and select download image...then open 😁

Sburton said:04 Jun '17

Awesome emojis! Love the drug emoticons

ajay said:18 Apr '17

some1 plZ tell me,
how to add these emoticons!!
Thanks 🙏

lord of the weeds said:17 Mar '17

cool guys

Anonymous said:30 Nov '16

Smoke all day everyday

Marijuana emoji said:31 Aug '16


Just retired said:25 Aug '16

Weed does what pharmaceutical drugs can't.

Anonymous said:12 Aug '16

Yes this is a wonderful emoji for a stoned man!

Anonymous said:27 Jul '16

These emojis kick as#...

Anonymous said:05 Jul '16

Love smoking weed. Can't help it.

Anonymous said:24 May '16

Smoke weeds 4:20 Sunday Morning

Anonymous said:20 Apr '16

This is pain management!

Stoner Emoji said:17 Dec '15

Can we have more stoned face emojis please?!

The Stoned Emoji said:22 Nov '15

I don't find download button! why there isn't one? Am I too stoned to find it?

Anonymous said:14 Sep '15

Yeah! My new fave emoji for real!

Anonymous said:11 Sep '15

Whoooohooooo!! I'm there!

Anonymous said:12 Jul '15

How I use this??

Anonymous said:03 Jul '15

That's how I am right now

Anonymous said:01 Feb '15

We need to download these stuff. Any Help?

Ganja said:28 Jan '15

Yep... STONED I am...

Sasha said:25 Oct '14

White Widow Cannabis...oh boy ... don't even know what am i doing on this site....too stoned!

g-man said:25 May '14

now we just need a johnny thunders &heartbreakers one Tie it up, shoot it up, bang your head and throw it up too much junkie business

Megastylez said:19 Feb '14

Smileys getting high emojies are cool.

Anonymous said:28 Jan '14


NYC diesel said:25 Jan '14

Does anybody have the shortcut codes for these emojis please?

Special haze killer said:04 Jan '14

Very cool smiley but I can't find a guide to where I insert those codes.

James Bong said:13 Aug '13

love em to bits.Gr8 fun too.cheers sherv crew . S~}

geordie bongman said:13 Aug '13

mannnnnnnnnnnnnn i'm so stoned atm they all look good! lol. nice one Sherv crew!

The Herb said:27 Jul '13

This is so Dope! Feelin' so high..pump that herb

Anonymous said:08 Jul '13

I wanna have this on my bbm but I'm struggling. Please help!! Can someone explain how I go about to get these(desperate).

freestyler said:18 May '13

this is cool

Anonymous said:08 Apr '13

How do I use it on bbm and facebook?

mikey woolley said:29 Mar '13

Sick as... it's like me + me bros before skwl haha

Stoner112 said:25 Feb '13


Anonymous said:29 Jan '13

how you put it on facebook?

Anonymous said:14 Jan '13

how do u put it on fb

Details for stoned

Suggested shortcut: ;stoner
Tags: Marijuana, Pot, Joint, Smoke, High, Stoned, Weed, Dope, Blunt, Ganja, Stoned
Filename: stoned-smiley.gif

  • The Stoned emoticon is Animated
  • Stoned icon file size: 19.30 kB (19767)
  • Added on 11 February, 2011
  • Last commented on 01 October, 2019
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Stoned' is animated in 23 frames, the animation is 1.84 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 41 pixels and has 69 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing 20 of 23 frames.

Codes for Stoned

To use the Stoned icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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