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Joint Emoticon

Joint emoticon
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This is an emoticon of a fat joint that looks like it's been rolled up perfectly and ready to toke! When you're leaving to take a hit of your ganja, just use this emoticon to let everyone know. Yes, we're joking once again.

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User comments (17)

Anonymous said:11 Oct '19

Super cool Joint emojis. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said:26 Dec '17

Cool emojis, it's time now...

Weed Joint Emoji said:24 Nov '16

Been waiting for emojis like these... cool dude

Anonymous said:31 Mar '16


Weed Smoking Emoji said:23 Nov '15

Smoking weed everyday makes me feel better. That's why I keep calm. So don't make me angry. Let me smoke...

Anonymous said:18 Jul '15

Joint emojis in Colorado! Perfect!

Anonymous said:12 Mar '15

Smoking Rasta Emoji for Snapchat anyone?!

Ganja#1 said:15 Jan '15

Some of the people in these comments need to stop smoking weed. Seeing as though they can't really spell anymore. :/

Anonymous said:30 Dec '14

Legalize this stuff!

Anonymous said:03 Jan '14

Bad Boys' emojis!

Anonymous said:09 May '13

facebook really needs this emoticon hahahahaha

Anonymous said:21 Apr '12

how do i download this stuff to my blackberry

BeccaLovesKush said:06 Jan '12

This shiit is too good !

kushtrim said:23 Feb '10

i love joint

Ganja said:08 Dec '09

yo, this is the exact emoticon I was looking for, a fat joint!

Anonymous said:24 Sep '09

weed 4 life HOLLAND WEEDS

Anonymous said:04 Feb '09

smoke tha weed weed smka 4 lyf

Details for joint

Suggested shortcut: ;joint
Tags: Joint, Weed, Ganja, Smoke, Dope
Filename: joint.gif

  • The Joint emoticon is Static
  • Joint icon file size: 999 Bytes (999)
  • Added on 20 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

It's a GIF image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and has 255 colors.

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To use the Joint icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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