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Snorting cocaine Emoticon

Snorting cocaine animated emoticon
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This smiley is into some heavy drugs. He's snorting some cocaine up his nose and getting high, he's totally zoning out. He's even got a little straw to help him suck it up! We don't ever encourage anyone to try what smiley is doing here, ever!

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User comments (35)

Anonymous said:06 Dec '21

I like these naughty emojis on your website!specially this snorting cocaine emoji! ;)

Mark said:13 Jan '20

New emoji and animated emoticon request

How about a "snorting milk"(from laughing)?

Russell said:18 Aug '18

Your drugged up emojis, How do you download them?

Ray said:02 Aug '18

Love it! I love even bigger lines! and sharing with other emojis!

Anonymous said:28 Jul '18

How to use this emoji?

Jaena Holliday said:22 Jan '17

Loooool cash me ousside! How abow dah?!

Anonymous said:03 Oct '14

I love cat more then coke...*

Anonymous said:19 Jun '14

Hahaha love this ... happiness is measured in grams!

Mike Hunt said:25 Apr '14

What happens when you go high? you go low!

Anonymous said:01 Jul '13

What are the codes for this emoji on Skype?

Anonymous said:26 Mar '13

How do you use these cocaine emojis? The codes don't work on facebook at all.

Anonymous said:05 Dec '12

where is the download button?????

Anonymous said:20 Sep '12

Great emoticons of dungs!

Anonymous said:17 Aug '11

Who DOesn't like one COKE?

Anonymous said:21 Jun '10

Sniff on! Hahaha! My favorite emote!!

LOL said:07 Jun '10

I love my cocaine! I love these cocaine animations and emoticons. Thank you for sharing these fun and funny emojis!

Matty_buh said:21 Apr '10

Weed's awesome, coke is OK, but crack? Have you tramped on something?

Anonymous said:15 Mar '10

its cocane dik hed u smoke weed not snort it

Anonymous said:11 Mar '10

yo i need a reply quick time plz is it free

Shane.Dawson.Lover said:21 Feb '10

Wow, who would smoke weed? you just have to be stupid man :(

Anonymous said:21 Feb '10

why would you smoke weed man :L

roxч said:16 Feb '10

it's a sick emoticon, love it x

Anonymous said:11 Feb '10

HAHAHAHAHAH love this thing (L), it's bad-ass!

Black Roses said:26 Dec '09

Hahahaha. *Sniff Sniff*

Anonymous said:23 Dec '09

*sniff* just *sniff* sniffed some *sniff* cocaine

lauren said:20 Dec '09

hahahaha proper funny lol

ME :) said:02 Dec '09

HAHAHHA xD niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!

Anonymous said:26 Nov '09

haahhaha ;) love this :)

Anonymous said:03 Jul '09

awesomeness i wuv it lol

BillposterOwn@... said:21 Mar '09

XD that emoticon are the best please make more same as it!
keep making cool emoticons

sammie babeii ;D said:15 Mar '09

lol this emotion is so funny xD the smiley gets high lol

sammie babeii ;D :) said:15 Mar '09

i think this emotion is jokes lol lol lol
hahahaha the little smily get high lol its jokes! xxx love ya

Anonymous said:14 Mar '09

haha, hell yeah! more emoticons like this please

Anonymous said:19 Feb '09

oh hell yeah man!! cocaine plus xtc... rocks!!

Anonymous said:27 Jan '09

haha, it's brilliant... get more smileys taking cocaine and smoking crack!

Details for snorting cocaine

Suggested shortcut: ;snort
Tags: Snort, Crack, Coke, Cocaine
Filename: snort.gif

  • The Snorting cocaine emoticon is Animated
  • Snorting cocaine icon file size: 9.29 kB (9514)
  • Added on 20 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Snorting cocaine' is animated in 28 frames, the animation is 9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 29 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Snorting cocaine

To use the Snorting cocaine icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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