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Cigarette smoking Emoticon

Cigarette smoking animated emoticon
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This smiley is definitely an addict and badly needs his nicotine fix because he is smoking four cigarettes at the same time! That much smoke around your face could kill a normal person, but this is one tough smiley. We hope you like this emoticon and find it amusing. Remember that this animation is meant to be funny and not to promote the bad habit of lighting up.

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User comments (9)

Anonymous said:08 Feb '18

Smoking is so yesterday! should be banned all over the world! Let's give tobacco companies a run for their money!

hater 23 b-ball **** said:09 Dec '13

That's not funny ...... but it is funny!!!! but seriously people actually have problems with smoking . You guys are oddly awesome/mean.

shashank said:10 Jan '13

May beeeeeee .... i quit Smoking

Anonymous said:14 Oct '11

I don't think it's funny. You all need to go after sex offenders, drunks, DUIs and drug addicts.

Anonymous said:13 Sep '11

this is brilliant. it's so funny!

Anonymous said:25 Feb '11

How do you send one of these things in a text message from my new Evo phone?

Anonymous said:18 Feb '11

why does he look so mad?

Jake said:10 Feb '11

oh my God! he looks so sick... he'll die soon!!

ha ho ha said:09 Feb '11

it's pretty funny! I know someone who acts just like that!

Details for cigarette smoking

Suggested shortcut: ;smoker
Tags: Cigarette, Smoking, Smoke, addict
Filename: smoking.gif

  • The Cigarette smoking emoticon is Animated
  • Cigarette smoking icon file size: 17.50 kB (17922)
  • Added on 08 February, 2011
  • Last commented on 08 February, 2018
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Cigarette smoking' is animated in 19 frames, the animation is 1.52 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 43 pixels and has 81 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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