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French kiss Emoticon

French kiss animated emoticon
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Two people share a heated and passionate french kiss. A very detailed and animated french kissing emoticon, works well in MSN too. This is a video emoticon of real people which make it even better. Note that this is one of the more adult emoticons in our kissing collection, you've had your friendly warning!

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User comments (155)

French Kiss Emoji said:29 Nov '17

French kiss animated emoji rocks!

Kissing emojis said:26 Feb '17

Sent this French kissing emoji to my bf, he saw me the next day and gave it back... so sweet... lol

Anonymous said:09 Oct '16

Hi. Anybody plz tell me how to download that romantic sticker.

Anonymous said:12 Sep '16

That French kiss emoji alright.

Anonymous said:08 Aug '16

So cool, the best emojis I've found. Who doesn't like french kissing?!

Kissy Time ❤ said:23 Jul '16


Anonymous said:15 Jul '16

French kiss emoji is hot!

French Kisser said:23 Jun '16

How to use this kissing emoji in facebook messenger?

Facebook emojis said:20 Jun '16

I miss your strawberry lips...

Anonymous said:18 Jun '16

I love kissing those lips emojis! I wish they were real...

Kissey Emoji said:10 Jun '16

Hot kiss Emoji! I love it!

Anonymous said:26 Mar '16

How do I add these smileys on face book?

Anonymous said:01 Feb '16

Do not be distracted at the wheel

Anonymous said:20 Jan '16

You're the best kisser!

French Kiss emoji said:07 Dec '15

Awesome kissing emoji smiley

Kisses emojis said:05 Nov '15

Awesome kisses! Wow!

Infinity said:23 Aug '15

Kissing is expressing your emotion and this is a good emoji to show that emotion.

Anonymous said:18 Jun '15

Awes0me kiss. L0ve it

Anonymous said:23 Apr '15

how to download this.

Anonymous said:12 Apr '15

love it i want that kiss

I said:12 Apr '15

I love kissing.i love kiss lips

Anonymous said:12 Apr '15

What is this?hunnnnmmnn

Anonymous said:31 Mar '15

cool. very nice kissing.

Anonymous said:15 Feb '15

I love kissing very cool

Anonymous said:12 Dec '14

i love kissing 😘 i love to kiss lips...

Anonymous said:09 Nov '14

I Love this kiss. Very nice.

Anonymous said:31 Oct '14

Love feels good when I send it.

Anonymous said:27 Sep '14

I love this kiss...I love kiss lips....

Anonymous said:28 Jul '14

Sexy kiss! I love French kissing!!

Anonymous said:09 Jul '14

very sexy... wish i could get a kiss like that.

Anonymous said:07 May '14

Great :) nice emoticon.

e.c. said:02 Apr '14

I need a kiss a kiss ones in a while

martin said:15 Mar '14

How to use it on facebook chat?

Anonymous said:28 Feb '14

Gay tongue kissing is SO NASTY!!

Anonymous said:26 Jan '14

does anyone know how to add this to messaging

ShiVa said:26 Jan '14

I Love This Kind Of Kiss With My Love :**

Bill said:31 Dec '13

Thinking of you on this day. I hope you have a wonderful New Year with great peace and joy in your heart!

RAHI said:24 Dec '13


Wanna kiss! In mood! said:20 Dec '13

I wanna kss my sexy crush! in the mood! im hot and ready!

Anonymous said:10 Dec '13

what is this code? how do i send it?

Details for french kiss

Suggested shortcut: ;kiss4
Tags: Kissing, Kiss, Adult, French
Filename: french.gif

  • The French kiss emoticon is Animated
  • French kiss icon file size: 27.99 kB (28659)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'French kiss' is animated in 40 frames, the animation is 4 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 15 colors.

Codes for French kiss

To use the French kiss icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Kissing emoticons emoticons like the french kiss icon, visit the Kiss emoticons pack.

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