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Smiley drawing a heart Emoticon

Smiley drawing a heart animated emoticon
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This smiley is drawing the shape of a heart on a window's glass. This is a love emoticon who wishes to express his feeling of love to his lover or to the rest of the world! He feels so good to be in love that he wants others to have a glimpse of what is happening inside his heart. He feels quite exited about being in love and his experience of romance is so strong that he can't keep it inside him. In other words, he is saying I love you or I am in love!

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User comments (18)

Lacie said:14 Feb '17

Perfect for my dad on Valentines

Anonymous said:14 Feb '15

How to download the heart drawing emoji? pls help. Thank you!

shell said:13 Feb '14

Perfect emoji for valentine's day

hatred said:26 Apr '13

so cute!
i wish it didnt say at the bottom..

Anonymous said:24 Mar '11

love it, I'm going to draw it on paper!!!!!

somebody said:07 Mar '11

ahhh cute i like this 1

Anonymous said:05 Dec '10

:( dats u jhlhlijhiljiljil

léna said:11 Sep '10

il sont super beau j ai tous anvie de l ai prendre

Anonymous said:05 Aug '10

Very Cute!
Now I'm adding this random bit because my message was to short :)

cutyfee said:25 Jun '10

this was excellent ,amazing,good,and very funny

cutyfee said:25 Jun '10

this was excellent ..............

cuty said:25 Jun '10

very very nice.keep it up

Anonymous said:07 May '10

best!!! this is so wonderful!

Karliee 4 pili said:27 Mar '10

Now that's so cute

dewo_cute said:18 Feb '10

i love the cupid... i downloaded it.

Sharni said:22 Aug '09

Awww...i lovvee this emoticon! its so cuttee

Anonymous said:13 Mar '09

i love this emoticon... it's awesome :) (L)

andre said:10 Feb '09

bellissimi, questi d'amore!

Details for smiley drawing a heart

Suggested shortcut: ;draw
Tags: Love, Daydreaming, Valentine, Draw, Heart
Filename: draw-heart.gif

  • The Smiley drawing a heart emoticon is Animated
  • Smiley drawing a heart icon file size: 65.27 kB (66836)
  • Added on 31 January, 2009
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Smiley drawing a heart' is animated in 49 frames, the animation is 5.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing 20 of 49 frames.

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