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soft pillows featuring smileys

Emoticon Pillows - Emoticons you can touch and feel

Monday, 18 Feb. '083 comments3.86

Are you addicted to emoticons? Do you believe they make life easier when you don't feel like talking? Do you wish you could use Emoticons even when you're not online? Then the Emoticon Pillow is for you. You use these smiley face pillows for your face-to-face communications.

The six Emoticon Pillows

More about the Pillows

The emoticons in their packaging

The Emoticon pillow set is good for expressing your feelings when you are around your loved ones at home. You can throw an emoticon at someone if you want to make them aware of your mood! Or when you want to make a statement. You can even keep them handy around your desk.

The emoticons are so cute that you really feel like hugging them. You can use them to decorate your room, your car or even your work area to cheer things up a bit. Each Emoticon Pillow is approximately the size of the palm of your hand, so they're good for keeping around your desk and you can rest your face on them when you need a short and quick break form your work or your computer monitor.

The Pillows come in a pack of six emoticons in six different colors, each of them expressing different moods:

  1. Smiling face emoticon :-) comes in a classic yellow smiley color and is good to use on days when you feel happy and jolly.
  2. Laughing emoticon :-D comes in a blue color and is useful for expressing your hearty laughter and happiness.
  3. Tongue sticking out emoticon :-p for when you're joking around or just for saying that you're having fun. It comes in orange color.
  4. Blank or indifferent emoticon :-[ in the color gray, is good for expressing your indifference towards something. Or on the days that you don't have any specific feelings like happy or sad or etc. (or you just feel like tuning out)
  5. Unsure emoticon :- in hot pink, good for the occasions that you are in doubt or are not decided about something. Isn't it really much easier just to show this cute emoticon pillow to the one that you're talking with instead of talking about it?
  6. Sad emoticon :-( which is in a green color, obviously comes handy for the times that you don't feel that great and when you try to convey your feelings of unhappiness towards someone or about something.

The emoticons also make a very good gift for friends, close relatives and family members (like your mom)! They suit people of all ages, you can offer them as a gift or just use them to decorate your sofa and bed with them and give them a cuddle while you get some sweet sleep.

Free Emoticons

If you don't wanna part with your hard earned cash for these emoticons, that's cool too; we've got TONS of Emoticons, all Free! Just get over to our free emoticons section and start browsing. While you can't hug our emoticons, they make up for it by being animated and coming to life. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download some free emoticons!


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Anonymous said:12 Jul '11

Looks very cute :) luv them :)

Anonymous said:18 Dec '10

that is very coolio. I think they should smell, that will make them COOLIO.

NaHLa said:17 Mar '08

NaHLa is to hot today

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