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Free Icon Maker, Make Icons, Emoticons and your own avatars!

Saturday, 1 Mar. '0827 comments4

Ever had a photo or picture and wanted to make it into an icon? Now you can do exactly that with the new Icon Maker!

Make your own icons!
Go make your own icon!

Our Icon Maker is really easy to use, all you do is pick a picture and you can turn it into an icon of any type! You can build a unique icon featuring yourself in a matter of seconds.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select your photo or picture
  2. Choose the area to include in your icon (like your face)
  3. Save and use it!

You can select any photo in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format. Currently, animated GIF images can not be saved as animated emoticons, but this will be possible very soon!

The icon maker can currently create:

  • Avatars, Display Pictures, MySpace Icons, MSN Icons, etc
  • Big Emoticons and Smileys (good for MSN/Live Messenger)
  • Small Emoticons

Users of MSN or Live Messenger can have a lot of fun creating their own MSN Icons, Emoticons and even Display Pictures. You can make emoticons from just about any picture, the generated emoticons will be big and can be used in Messenger. Just make your icons and they're ready to be added into Messenger!

You can also generate MySpace Icons, AIM Buddy Icons and even small emoticons. More icon types will be added later. As of right now, there are no usage restrictions and you can make as many icons as you like.

We hope you enjoy using our free Icon Maker, have fun!


User comments

carolina said:07 Aug '10

help!!! i need to know how to put it in my msn..!!!

Anonymous replied:07 Oct '11

you just need to copy and paste it and it is bound to work!!! take care...

carolina said:07 Aug '10

ay perdon ya me enseño aserlo mi bro :P haha amo mis icons

carolina said:07 Aug '10

please help meh can i use it in msn..?

stanmasrh4eve300 said:05 Aug '09

where do i make one thats 50X50 thats all deviant art accepts

Laharl replied:22 Mar '10

You'd have to find a resizer. There are lots online.

Katelyn said:11 Jul '08

hi, how are you today! it's time to make some emoticons of my face :p

NANANADGH replied:23 Jan '10

ew. not YOUR face. im just kidding.

Anonymous said:26 Sep '09

i'm looking for nude icons!

NANANADGH replied:23 Jan '10

omg how dare you u sicko. pshyco path.

megz-luvz-you! said:19 Sep '09

this is really weird :S

manu said:15 Sep '09

wow i never knew we can do dis

beta9x said:03 Jul '09

how to make my picture animated emoticon (moving emoticon)?

Clare replied:03 Sep '09

You need a program that uses frames, you could get gimp or something like that, and use the layers. There are a lot of tutorials out there.

kyle said:01 Apr '09

were do u make icons

Notsaying replied:02 May '09

i dont know where we make our icons

Notsaying said:02 May '09

where do we make the icons?

brittany said:23 Mar '09

i dnt know lol where do u make icons x

Anonymous said:08 Mar '09

wait how do i actually put it on AIM ??

Katelyn said:08 Jul '08

thanks, now I know how to make icons by myself, you rock

Anonymous replied:25 Feb '09

how do i make a icon??

Anonymous said:26 Jan '09

hi, whats up people of the world???

jenny said:22 Oct '08

is there a freeware here because im not always online... i'm just a poor man. =(

shachidanand said:07 Aug '08

it is good. it is very good for putting my own photo in msn and myspace.

Misty said:29 Jun '08

hey, how do you use this thing!?
hit me up.... skiinnymiiny13

Jen said:06 Jun '08

this website is really good! I love to make my own icons and change them in msn everyday, keep things fresh haha

Megan said:30 May '08

Hey guyss Click on the pic of da gurl and da guy
to make icons

oh wana talk to me?
hi me up on ma AIM

kaitlyn said:29 May '08

where do you make icons?

natasha said:15 May '08

how do we make the icons? i cant find the link...? some1 help me!

Sharky said:07 May '08

I love to make emoticons with the icon maker, its really good that you can use it online for free, keep it up guys.

Greenie Gal said:27 Apr '08

i'm a regular user of this site, I love it 2 bits! My 1st icon was ~ a cute pic 'o me and my baby kitten Leo. This is an awesome site and i shouldn't be the only one SAYING it guys. MSN RULES!!!!!!!!!

Greenie Gal said:27 Apr '08

It's a good setup ~ 10 outa ten from me ~ Especially because it's free and all my messeger is overflowing with awesome icons and avatars all thanks to this site !!!

Your evil apprentice said:17 Apr '08

I'm not looking 4 normal icons im looking 4 flash icons!

homer simpson said:15 Apr '08

i am evil homer... i am evil homer!

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