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Hidden Emoticons section added, secret smileys revealed

Monday, 24 Mar. '0814 comments3.22

We've updated the emoticon section with the latest hidden emoticons. In this section, we reveal every single emoticon that is hidden in a range of clients like MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and even Skype.

Go to the Hidden Emoticons and Smileys

What are "Hidden Emoticons"?

For those of you that aren't familiar with this, hidden emoticons are not shown in the emoticon list and can only be used if you know the secret code. To learn more about them, visit the hidden emoticon homepage.

Here's a list of the secret emoticons we've got for you:

  • Hidden Emoticons in Yahoo

    Yahoo Messenger has got the largest selection of hidden emoticons around, and we've listed them all. As a bonus, you can even add these to your Live Messenger and use them there if you want.

  • Hidden MSN/Live Emoticons

    Quite a few secret and hidden emoticons were added in MSN Messenger. Get the codes and start using them in Windows Live Messenger.

  • Hidden Skype Emoticons

    Skype is the latest Messenger to add hidden emoticons, and they've got some pretty cool ones, so definitely check these out if you're a Skype user.

We'll update these pages as soon as a new hidden emoticon becomes available.


User comments

Anonymous said:10 Jul '12

i cant find them!? i tried and i couldnt!! help?!

Anonmous said:20 Apr '12

i have a mac and every time i download something it says: Sorry this does not work with macs!

Anonymous said:22 Jul '10

hey, i want all the smileys!!

Cute said:16 Jul '10

where? don't see any

Anonymous said:25 Nov '09

these are so coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Sep '09

try this ;)) .

Spoutnik said:06 Sep '09

Does it work with my "MAC" ? and how to use them ???

Unown said:04 May '09

yay! i think it is pretty good but didnt really help me!! :3

Daisy said:23 Jan '09

Cool smileys! I want one! How do I us it though?

Anonymous said:17 Nov '08

ahhahaha Veryy Gooddddd

Anonymous said:01 Aug '08

very nice, thanks for sharing these secrets with us, it's good to know them.

Anonymous said:13 Jul '08

OK check this out. I found out something wierd.

In a chat window press and HOLD! SHIFT + ENTER button for a while and emoticons will appear.


ARMENIA David/Hopar ARMENIA Rulezzz!!!

waverley manzzz said:19 May '08

oooh secret emoticons! OK, the secret is safe with me.

Anonymous said:07 Apr '08

whoa, these secret emoticons are hidden all over the place :D

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