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LOL Emoticons category added, new animated LOL Smileys

Monday, 4 Feb. '0824 comments3.32

By popular demand, we've added an emoticon section dedicated to LOL Emoticons and Smileys, check 'em out!

LOL Emoticons LOL Smileys Glowing LOL Emoticon

LOL Emoticons were initially included in our original free word emoticons pack. Many of you kept asking for some fresh "LOL Emoticons", so we've come up with this new collection of animated emoticons.

The LOL Smileys are located in the Text and Words icons category of our free emoticons.

Laughter is one of the most common exchanges in chat conversations (which is probably why we don't have too many sad crying emoticons) and these LOL icons can help you liven up your jokes and messages. Almost all of our LOL Smileys are animated and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles for you to choose from. A simple LOL emoticon can help you express your joy in a much more vibrant and colorful way.

Some of our favorite icons in the new lol collection include the LOL Panda Emoticon and the flag LOL Smiley, enjoy.


User comments

Awesome said:06 Nov '11

Cool LOL emotes :D love to see some more

Anonymous said:09 Apr '11

good... very good.

ukiu said:18 Aug '10

Hello, thanks for the LOL icons

ME! said:08 Aug '10

these are so cool! Ive added them to my msn and everyones adding them to their msn! Thnxs for them!

nour said:08 Apr '10

put one more and and... oh please just put it please one more lol emoticon

darkmaser100 said:28 Sep '09

hi cat girl im darkmaster100 from kongregate want to be friends do you have your own kongregate profile if you do add me as a friend

(Ό℧Ό) replied:17 Feb '10

we don't know but you can try adding us as a friend and we will try and accept you

catgirl360 said:07 Jul '09

lol emoticons are great i like the panda

brandon replied:06 Feb '10

it's good. These are the best.

Anonymous said:15 Jan '10

I love this webiteeeeeeeeeeee .................................

brandon replied:06 Feb '10

Thank you. we like them. You are the best emoticon makers. Aren't You?

lllllllooool said:08 Nov '09

you are the best in emoticons

Anonymous said:10 Oct '09

i just love the lol i cons

Anonymous said:12 Aug '09

do the smileys work??

(Ό℧Ό) replied:12 Aug '09

Yes, They work fine for me.

Anonymous said:28 Jul '09

These lols r kwl arnet they?

cutieeeee said:13 May '09

WOW!!! theese lol's r soooooooo coooool!!
i hav added em 2 ma msn!! soo cool!! LOL!!

brandon replied:28 Jul '09

i know thats what our stuff is like LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benji said:23 Jul '09

hello erybody wasssup benji is kool the youtube

Anonymous said:15 Jul '09

lol! i love emoticons forever i don't know why! they look nice

mushirah said:25 May '09

thnxxx for the lol
it nice

Anonymous said:28 Apr '09

lovin da icons, thanks!!!!!!!

sophie said:05 Mar '09

these are so cool and so am i he he he!
soph rox 4 eva!

Anonymous said:19 Feb '09

i love the icons!!!!!!!!!!

miss croatia said:09 Feb '09

wow i find this site is very very COOL

Anonymous said:04 Aug '08

Loving the lol icons, i took loads off the website!!


nanapot said:23 Jul '08

good lol emoticons, i was looking for a new animated lol and now i got some.

Anonymous said:16 Jun '08

thanks for these animated lol emoticons, you're nice haha

MiSs Noshaaa said:17 Feb '08

Hello, thanks for the LOL icons!

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