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Smiley waving a LOL flag Emoticon

Smiley waving a LOL flag animated emoticon
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User comments (59)

Freddy said:07 Sep '21

Legendary LOL emoji!

Anonymous said:25 May '19

Very funny emoticons! Best emoji ever!

Don't Ask ma Name said:01 May '16

lol these are funny! Thanks keep making more.

Anonymous said:21 Jan '16

Like them this far. THANKS.

Janro said:30 Dec '15

What!?? He's waving his flag!? It might be.

Five bees said:12 Feb '14

Best LOL Emoji Ever!!

Anonymous said:05 Jan '14

Cool waving emoji! Hehehehe

Anonymous said:15 Dec '13

Cool Used It Loads hahahahahah

LottiehPod said:11 Nov '12

HeHeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Puh-Lease !

LottiehPod said:11 Nov '12

Cwl! ILove MovieStarPlanet Best Game Eva Lol? Random!

Lily Bieber said:11 Apr '12

Yes Justin is my big brother! I love my brother

LoL said:23 Mar '12

Hey together

I love this chat!
Write me back please!
PS: Lily do you come from America?

Bye Bye
your Ashley

LoL said:23 Mar '12

Lily Bieber you Justins sister:-)!? No Justin don't have any sister?? Can you say me we i can this smileys making?

Ashley .......xD

???????????????????? said:06 Jan '12

awesome! but how do you get the code/

LOLOLOL said:01 Jan '12

How do you get the code ????

Lily Bieber said:24 Dec '11

I like the writing thingy :D

MIliCA said:09 Sep '11

How to make this smileys?????

Coco said:22 Aug '11

It could be nice if there were more lol options and even more related laughing and hard laughter emoticons here. ;-)

reese_bieber said:16 May '11

hola i luv mr. Hanky lol i got into trouble cuz i used him in a ppt 4 school lol

Anonymous said:31 Mar '11

aqsa is da best lol anyway i luv u guys

Anonymous said:20 Mar '11

i love them all they're so cute!!!!!!!

breidi said:26 Jan '11

who knows best to create facebook emoticons?

Anonymous said:02 Dec '10

these are the best I'm saving them to my MSN!

Anonymous said:13 Nov '10

i love these smiley yarrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said:07 Oct '10

wow!!! it's so good! hahahaha

Anonymous said:03 Oct '10

i love this stuff it's mint and super cool.

maariya said:19 Sep '10

i love them all, specially for facebook and skype!!

crazzydaizzy said:01 Sep '10

love them. added all. i have loads!!

Anonymous said:11 Aug '10

hahaha, just downloaded it!!!!

duniaaaaaa said:27 Jul '10

how do u upload them??????? :)

swe3t_alwayz said:28 Apr '10

aww so cute..but how do u upload them?

Anonymous said:21 Apr '10

It's nice. it's good when you're just tired of typing LOL!

O.o said:08 Mar '10

Niicoleyyy why don't you press the Get if Free button and take it from there? if you do it correctly then it will be on you msn. hope this helps.

Niicoleyyy said:07 Mar '10

How on earth do u add them to ur smiley faces on MSN? :S

Anonymous said:21 Feb '10

i think you should have even cooler ones ;)

Sabrina said:19 Feb '10

LOL, this is so cool!!

yeah said:14 Feb '10

wonderful, very good emotes.

Anonymous said:03 Feb '10

not gud hahahahahhaha

dinker said:01 Jan '10

this is a great lol smiley, and this website has the best symbols too... rock on!!!

Anonymous said:06 Dec '09

this is anoying dont u think how 2 adddddddd

Details for smiley waving a lol flag

Suggested shortcut: lolflag
Tags: Smiley, Flag, Wave
Filename: smiley-lol.gif

  • The Smiley waving a LOL flag emoticon is Animated
  • Smiley waving a LOL flag icon file size: 5.87 kB (6012)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Smiley waving a LOL flag' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 47 by 37 pixels and has 244 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Smiley waving a LOL flag

To use the Smiley waving a LOL flag icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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