One Emoticon Stamp, Many smileys
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one emoticon stamp, many smileys

Transforming Emoticon Stamp for adding smileys on paper

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A simple idea but a great invention! The Emoticon Stamp is made out of rubber with a single emoticon face, but it can be squeezed to create many new emoticon faces (the stamp is very flexible so that you can easily squeeze it into many different faces and shapes).

This rubber stamp creates Emoticons

Squeeze out a smile

This non-digital Emoticon is quite useful for letter writing. Even if you don't feel like writing, you can just fill the page with smiling faces and send it away to your loved ones, it's sure to put a smile on their faces. If you're addicted to using emoticons at the end of each sentence, then we suggest that you have one of these emoticon stamps handy whenever you're writing something!

Aren't we a blessed generation in that we no longer have to write physical letters most of the time? Back in the olden days, you needed to sit down and write a letter to express your feelings and thoughts, using only words. Digital communication has made life so much easier for us, and the use of smileys are just a small part of this convenience. It's so much easier to digitally use emoticons, which are unlimited in their ability to express different emotions. Smileys are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes; you can use static emoticon smileys or animated emoticons if you prefer animation (like most do).

Thanks to the "Emoticon Stamp", smileys don't have to be confined to the online world. Use it in your snail mail, homework or project (it might get you some extra marks, you never know!), notes to friends and family, etc. It can be used to decorate just about anything with emoticons and smiley faces! Who needs proper grammar or words to express your feeling when we've got emoticons and smiley faces to do that?!?

Get Emoticons

Emoticon lovers can visit our huge collection of free animated emoticons and smileys and indulge yourself with thousands of cool emoticons right at your fingertips. Have fun and lose yourself in the unreal world of animation.


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