Animated EURO 2008 emoticons and smileys
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animated euro 2008 emoticons and smileys

EURO 2008 emoticons, kick-off with these football and soccer emoticons

Sunday, 8 Jun. '087 comments4.14

As Euro madness sweeps the world, we've added a whole set of cool new EURO 2008 emoticons. Use these football and soccer emoticons to show support for your team, who will you support?

EURO 2008 Emoticons have been added
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Most of these free emoticons for EURO 2008 are animated and feature really cool and smooth animations. You can add them to your MSN and Live Messenger or use the codes to paste them in websites. Go to the sports emoticons category for more football and soccer smileys.

Most IM clients don't really provide any sports themed emoticons, particularly football and soccer ones. MSN/WLM provides a football emoticon (soccer ball) that you can use with the shortcut code (so), while Skype has a whole stack of hidden flag emoticons that you can use to support you country's team.

Make icons!

While we've got a lot of emoticons and smileys in the free emoticons zone, you might be interested in making your own icons. Many photos and images come from each and every one of the football matches, and you can use these to create your own icons. To do this, we have a free Icon Maker that can be used to make icons of your own choosing. This is great for those of you interested in creating your own EURO 2008 avatars, emoticons and Display Pictures. Note that the online icon maker does not support animations, you will need to use the downloadable emoticon maker program to create an emoticon from an animation.

More about Euro 2008

This year's European cup is slated to be one of the more exciting championship tournaments, with strong teams such as Italy, Germany, France and Spain all going for the big prize. Regardless of who the winners and losers are, the football fans are guaranteed to have a good time. Euro 2008 concludes at the end of this month, with the final taking place on the 29th of June. The next UEFA EURO cup won't be until 2012, so enjoy this tournament while it lasts and have fun!

We hope you enjoy these Euro emoticons. We'll have even more EURO 2008 themed stuff coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned.


User comments

Anonymous said:12 Feb '09

The Netherlands are the best

Anonymous said:20 Jul '08

thanks for the soccer smileys, they're cool

Anonymous said:26 Jun '08

thanks for the football and soccer icons... everyone enjoy the euro cup finals, it's gonna be a good one!

Anonymous said:24 Jun '08

Yeah, Holland took the cup indeed....... LOL.

Anonymous said:13 Jun '08

Sorry, HOLLAND is taking the cup.

Quin said:12 Jun '08

thanks for the euro 2008 emoticons and smileys, i hope spain or italy can take the eurocup this year... mostly spain cause italy already took the football world cup

Anonymous said:12 Jun '08

Where is Croatia Euro 2008? Who is the best??? Cro of course...

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