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animated angry smileys

Angry Emoticons and Smileys added to the website

Sunday, 6 Jul. '082 comments4.29

Feeling angry? Let them feel the heat with these angry emoticons and smileys!

angry emoticons
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We've added a new selection of mad and angry smileys to the free emoticons section. These come in handy when someone or something is driving you up the wall.

Don't say it, show it with an Angry smiley

There are many times when you'll need to show your anger in a conversation or let someone know you're pissed off about something. We also think that a picture is worth a thousand words (and an animated emoticon is probably worth several thousand), so spare yourself and let the angry smiley say it for you. Smileys are perfect for occasions when you need to assert your anger.

Use an angry emoticon if something frustrates you or you're faced with an irritating situation. Sometimes, you won't even need to write a message to explain that you're mad, let the smiley face communicate for you.

There are all types of angry emoticons; including swearing, arguing, pissed off and mad smileys. You could even send some of these emoticons to someone who is very angry to test their sense of humor, it might help calm them down. If you really feel like venting your anger and biting someone's head off, you can try using a middle finger emoticon to get the message across.

All of our angry emoticons will work in MSN and Windows Live Messenger, you can use all of them as angry msn emoticons. Each and every angry smiley also has a code that you can use to paste it into emails, forum posts, MySpace, etc. Most of these smileys are also animated.

We've got lots more emoticons on our site, and they're all free to download. You can try some of our more cheerful emoticons once your anger has subsided.


User comments

Anonymous said:30 Aug '08

omg no way, these are awesome

Anonymous said:06 Aug '08

Great smileys, there is just so many for msn!! good source this site.

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