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new romance smileys

Love emoticons added - hugs, kisses, and more smileys

Sunday, 10 Aug. '0816 comments3.5

We've added a new selection of love and romance emoticons to the website. While love is a global language, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to express what you mean and feel. Let the smileys do the talking for you; they can flirt, seduce and be romantic. It's often easier to show it than say it!

The new emoticon categories are as follows: I Love You, Kissing, Hugs and Heartbroken. Use these romantic love emoticons to tell your sweetheart how you feel. These smileys have been specially made for lovers, we hope you enjoy them!

  • Kissing emoticons

    No collection of love smileys can be complete without some romantic and sexy kissing emoticons! Take a look at these kiss smileys, they're hot!

    Check out the kissing emoticons

  • Hug emoticons
    Hugs and hugging

    Everyone needs a hug, and you can use these emoticons to give it to them. Lots of cute and animated smileys that love hugging each other.

    Browse the hug emoticons

  • I Love you emoticons
    love you

    This is one of the most common things exchanged between partners, but don't use these unless you're serious about the love word!

    Go to the I LOVE YOU icons

  • Heartbroken emoticons
    love you

    And finally, we have added some sad and heartbroken emoticons. We hope you never have to use these icons, but we've included them because heartbreak is a part of life.

    See the Sad and broken hearted emoticons

Just like the rest of our free smileys, these animated emoticons are free for everyone to download and use. You can add them to your MSN or Live Messenger and start using them in your chats. You can also paste them into your posts and emails using the special codes provided. We hope you like the smileys and enjoy using them.

In the next update we'll be adding a whole bunch of new heart emoticons, we know how much you guys love hearts! We add lots of new emoticons to our gallery fairly regularly, and we provide you several ways of keeping up to date. We've setup this page where you can see the latest emoticons we've added to the website. alternatively, you can get the major updates by checking out the emoticon updates page every now and then.


User comments

ayda said:17 Jan '13

nice...and really good.

m&m said:23 Jun '11

all in the name of love icons! all good! you can be more and experience more with feeling of love than hatred.

pradip said:03 Apr '11

they were awsome and cutie from pradip

Anonymous said:19 Feb '11

nice and cute!!!

LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER said:06 Nov '10


Anonymous said:06 Nov '10

love t so nice =) >>>and cute =B XOXO

rob said:08 Jun '10

i love some one x x x x x x x x x

najeeb said:24 Aug '09

come to my home hahahaha 8-x

tom said:12 Jul '09

oh cute oh so swyt oh lovely umah

Anonymous said:25 Apr '09

niccccccccccccccce so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutch

anita isabel said:27 Feb '09

i love them alll they r tooo nice i mloove them!!!!!!!!!

BuFF n TuFF said:10 Feb '09

Nice And Cutee X Aliie (L)

Aadi said:21 Jan '09

salut tou le monde:)...hey moi jm bku ce emo mai javou kya certin que pour etre mieu:p...en tou k BRAVO la +par sn top XD

Anonymous said:26 Nov '08

so cute r adorable!

Anonymous said:28 Oct '08

very nice and cute nice to hwoeva made

BeckiiBabes said:05 Oct '08

Awwwhh Theyre Well Good and cute :)

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