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New Emoticons

This page lists the most recent and newly added emoticons on the website, from all categories.

Paper Clip
Added 15 February, 2014
paper clip (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
pad (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
memo (15 Feb)
Pencil 2
Added 15 February, 2014
pencil 2 (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
pencil (15 Feb)
Pen 2
Added 15 February, 2014
pen 2 (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
pen (15 Feb)
Check Mark
Added 15 February, 2014
check mark (15 Feb)
Credit Card
Added 15 February, 2014
credit card (15 Feb)
Gold Bricks
Added 15 February, 2014
gold bricks (15 Feb)
Treasure Chest
Added 15 February, 2014
treasure chest (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
safe (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
bell (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
key (15 Feb)
Gas Pump
Added 15 February, 2014
gas pump (15 Feb)
Floating Bottle
Added 15 February, 2014
floating bottle (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
doll (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
watch (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
pipe (15 Feb)
Added 15 February, 2014
lighter (15 Feb)

We try to keep things fresh by adding brand new emoticons regularly. There's nothing old or recycled about these cool new smileys. This page is updated automatically as newer emoticons are added, so be sure to keep an eye on this page.

With the popularity of emoticons and smileys constantly on the rise, the demand for new emoticons or smileys is higher than ever. Using an emoticon is almost always the best way to liven up your sometimes dull (MSN) instant messenger conversations. So the need for amusing, unique and new smileys is never ending.

We, as Humans, are emotional beings, and we need the words or emoticons and smileys for richer expression of our feelings. Our expectation from new smileys is growing; we expect them to surpass the basic human emotions and be able to represent more complex ones or even tell a story. Although this is not always achievable, the latest animated emoticons are moving into a new direction and are now covering more topics than ever before. Graphic artists who are engaged in creation of emoticons and smileys try to include as many aspects of our daily life as they can. The topics range from basic moods to more sophisticated ones such as our naughty emoticons.

Here at, it's been our goal to meet this growing demand of our visitors for fresh, new and unique smileys by regularly updating our emoticons section. It hasn't been easy to keep up with the pace at which new emoticons are emerging on the web. We also are grateful for the support we receive from our loyal visitor and site fans that do not stop submitting their favorite smileys to us, where they can be shared with other emoticon maniacs and smiley addicts from around the globe!

Got a revolutionary idea for a new emoticon? Contact us from the menu on the left and we'll get onto creating it for you right away.

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