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facebook smileys added

Facebook emoticon and smiley list added to site

Wednesday, 27 Jan. '1032 comments3.86

Many of you ask for it and here it is, we've added a list of all facebook emoticons to the website, go check it from the link below!

Facebook smiley list!
Click here to see the list!

Use these emotes when you're chatting with your friends on Facebook, all you will need to do is type in the shortcut code and send your message. The graphical smiley will instantly appear once your message is sent!

We've put together a thorough and comprehensive list of all the emoticons and all of their shortcut codes. Unlike IM programs such as Live Messenger or Yahoo, Facebook chat lets you use multiple shortcuts to access many of the common smileys. For example, there is only one way to get the happy smiley in MSN/Live Messenger and that is to use the :) code. Facebook on the other hand allows you to use other variations such as :-) or :] which make things a little bit more convenient.

We hope that Facebook adds even more emoticons in the future (there are only 25 at the time of writing). You can be sure that we'll update our list as soon as they do!

You're not limited to using them only on Facebook chat. We've included high quality images for each emoticon as well, so that you can use them elsewhere if you really like them. You could add them to MSN or Live Messenger as custom emoticons or post them on forums with our HTML codes.


User comments

Anonymous said:31 Mar '10

there is one cool one it

Anonymous replied:13 May '13

hmm.,i want the broken heart smileys..

geo said:10 Nov '12

I like all the smileys on msn and here

xXPhIlRoCkSxX said:12 Oct '12

quite cool i like it....xD

Devesh said:08 Mar '12

better than best :

Anonymous said:26 Oct '11

What is the meaning of this this emoticon? ~'~'~'~'. Or ~*~*~*
does anyone know what it means? Maybe it's a dot after each squiggle?

Anonymous said:06 Oct '11

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p

Anonymous said:01 Oct '11

good job on gathering all facebook chat emoticons in one place! thank you.

yo soi said:22 Jul '11

I'm from Argentina, and I do not understand a thing here!! any body speaks Spanish here?

Anonymous said:11 Jul '11

:) :( :P :O :D :L hi lol

Anonymous said:15 Jan '11

they're really cool icons.

Anonymous said:27 Nov '10

:) smile, :o WOW, -_- Slit eyes, O.o Big eyes, ^_^ Happy eyes, >:( Sour face, :* Kissy, :putnam: Boy/Justin Bieber, :42: Red box with 42,

apa apa nya dong said:15 Nov '10

haha..hi..hi... aq cuba copy and paste tapi tulisanya gak sama gmn ya? caranya biar jelas

simmy said:09 Nov '10

it's well AMAZING!

Anonymous said:25 Oct '10

that's a complete list of facebook smileys, thank you!

Anonymous said:31 Aug '10

these are absolutely cute facebook smileys. Love them all....

Anonymous said:21 Aug '10

i like it very much go go good good

DW said:13 Aug '10

My favorites are the shark and the penguin!! they're so cute!!!!

georgina said:06 Jul '10

i love all the faces (:p

georgina said:06 Jul '10

i like going on face book

sugar trap said:04 Jun '10

yay 2 4 the price of 1 i have fb and msn gr8

.:.Protester.:. replied:16 Jun '10

about time! facebook really needed some emotes and I still believe there is room for improvement. they should update their smileys and compete with other instant messengers list of emoticons. Maybe we should sign a petition demanding the upgrade and send it over to facebook HQ!! ha ha..

nena said:01 Jun '10

Hey.... it's good ..

Anonymous said:10 May '10

kereeennn....ini baru kenangan indah, he he he

dide said:18 Apr '10

wow!! very good... I always wanted to know the full collection :)

Anonymous GIRL said:06 Apr '10


xx an xx replied:13 Apr '10

That's not nice Anonymous girl, you know some people like MSN and facebook but why use strong language on this website?

little miss Lucy said:13 Apr '10

love all the facebook smiley's and my favorite one is the love heart i always send it to my BF he loves them too.

Anonymous replied:13 Apr '10

aww that's nice. Hope you have a happy relationship Lucy xx

ebony said:11 Apr '10

i love the angel one its mint o:)

lilly said:04 Apr '10

I got msn :) :p ;) :)

kayley said:31 Mar '10

:P is one of my faves

Anonymous said:03 Mar '10

hi, I love the winks, they're so cool. Add me on msn and I'll be on every day lol. Hope I can chat to u... love u xx

Anonymous said:28 Feb '10

really cool stuff, I didn't know about LOADS of these smileys!!

Anonymous said:14 Feb '10

tapijak di nan lunak..........

Anonymous said:30 Jan '10

hey... it's good... hahahahahahaha

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