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valentine's day smileys

New Valentine smileys, animated smileys for Valentine's Day

Saturday, 31 Jan. '097 comments3.82

Valentine's day is almost here again (the 14th of February, just in case you forgot) and we've got even more emoticons and smileys for this magical day.

New love smileys for Valentines

To celebrate the special day, MSN has released a special Love Creatures emoticon pack for Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger. This is a collection 15 animated emoticons and smileys that shaped like hearts.

The installer is available in several different languages and is around 600KB in size, here are the download links.

You can also browse through these new icons in our emoticon gallery. This is useful if you don't want to install all of the smileys, or want to use them somewhere other than Windows Live Messenger. The graphics in this collection are of good quality and well animated, it's worth checking out. You can also use most of these emoticons throughout the year.

A little warning about the emoticon shortcuts that come with these smileys. The English version (and quite possibly the other ones, we didn't test them all) uses actual words as the emoticon shortcuts, instead of a more suitable keyboard shortcut. For example, the shortcuts used include sad, angry and geek. This means that each time you type one of those words, it will be replaced with a heart smiley, which can be quite annoying.

A small note about the emoticon installer. This automatic installer from Microsoft provides the functionality to change your search provider to Live Search and set change your homepage to MSN. If you don't wish to make these changes, make sure the following two options are unchecked:

Emoticon installer options

Valentine's Day is the second biggest card sending holiday of the year, and it's no different when it comes to smileys and emoticons. We've got a huge collection of love smileys in the emoticon gallery that you can look through. All of the smileys have been categorized and you can also search for the any emoticons you want to find.


User comments

big fooot said:21 Mar '09

BORING!!!!!!!!!!! big foot dont like

Anonymous replied:18 Oct '10

cool love emoticons and smileys...

Anonymous said:18 Aug '10

cute love hearts!

bhel said:25 Aug '09

its nice... i'm bhel.. God bless..

Anonymous said:23 Aug '09

love the emotions. :( :)

Anonymous said:09 Jun '09

valentina, valentina, love, hearts

essou said:21 Mar '09

funny,,,,,,simple ,,,,,,,,, love,,,,,, creature

catalina said:08 Feb '09

yea, it's really good... a kiss for all... i'm from Argentina... best wishes!

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