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Double middle finger Emoticon

Double middle finger animated emoticon
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A smiley giving two middle fingers while sticking his tongue out. This animated middle finger smiley is good for when you're joking around with a friend, it's friendly and funny. Works great as an animated emoticon on MSN and Live Messenger, good for MySpace comments too.

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User comments (44)

Jashua said:25 Aug '16

Awesome double middle finger emoji. Everything. I think they're all cool emojis.

Coolness said:05 Apr '14

How do I use these? :0

Anonymous said:15 Dec '12

How do you do it? Can't do it, need some help. who can help me please?

Rude Buddy said:10 Dec '12

How do you get this double finger emoji on the facebook messages? I don't know, can someone help please?

Not saying said:06 Nov '12

Hey! I've given my teacher the finger before! LOL

said:31 Mar '12

If you want to use these emojis on a web page such as a forum or a website you have to use the html codes for it. click on the codes box to get them.

Anonymous said:30 Mar '12

how do u copy it and paste it to a website?

Anonymous said:08 Feb '12

How do I get the rude emojis onto Skype? Does MSN allow it?

Me Only said:26 Nov '11

I think the combination of middle finger and tongue sticking out makes this emoji unique and cool. I love it.

LRAAZ.89@GMAIL.COM said:02 Oct '11


Anonymous said:11 Sep '11

We loved it...the best!

Anonymous said:28 Mar '11

So naughty

tadeee said:19 Feb '11

i love it.

Finger emoji said:14 Jan '11

Ha ha
I like it!

Anonymous said:19 Dec '10

Yeah Yeah!! I love flipping people off with this emoji!

Anonymous said:28 Nov '10

Cool Finger emoji.

Anonymous said:16 Sep '10

LOL this smiley emoticon is my special double treat for some doubly dumb people!! Superb emojis!

Anonymous said:06 Aug '10

Gotta love them!

Anonymous said:06 Aug '10

Can you put these emojis on Skype?

Anonymous said:11 Apr '10

Cool emojis

Funny said:19 Mar '10

Very funny emoticon

$$BARBIE 4EVER$$ said:19 Mar '10


cool dude said:07 Feb '10

Haha I already have this emoji:P

live bjonda albania said:31 Dec '09

hahaha, very nice emoticons...

Anonymous said:22 Dec '09

Hehehehe very nice

Anonymous said:03 Dec '09

This website has loads of funny emojis. I love them. Very rude=very cool!

Flipper said:11 Nov '09

Hahaha!! That's great.

Anonymous said:26 Oct '09

Can u save these emoticons?

Anonymous said:24 Sep '09

I like this finger smiley face so much..

Badass emoji said:05 Aug '09

This is a totally badass emoji. LOL. Maybe whoever made this is so awesome! LOL! haha haha XD

Anonymous said:14 Jul '09

soo cooll i love it alll kindaa :)

Anonymous said:12 Jul '09

It's too cute smiley face

Bob said:29 Jun '09

Ya man that's right. Funny emoji

You Rock said:28 Jun '09

Ha ha lol...:p

Anonymous said:26 Jun '09

cool :) that so awsome

Anonymous said:30 Apr '09

lol. I like it:D haha... middle finger offense?

Blah Blah said:25 Apr '09

Middle finger emoji! damn right baby, it's how I show my feelings.

Anonymous said:16 Apr '09

lOl xD
Rude emojis

Anonymous said:27 Mar '09

LoL so funny XD =)

Anonymous said:13 Mar '09

LoL that's funny mate!

Details for double middle finger

Suggested shortcut: :2fingr
Tags: Smiley, Tongue, Finger, Joke, Haha
Filename: double-finger.gif

  • The Double middle finger emoticon is Animated
  • Double middle finger icon file size: 1.51 kB (1549)
  • Added on 25 March, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Double middle finger' is animated in 7 frames, the animation is 1.75 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 37 by 15 pixels and has 13 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Double middle finger

To use the Double middle finger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Rude finger icons emoticons like the double middle finger icon, visit the Middle Finger Emoticons pack.

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