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Santa Mooning Emoticon

Santa Mooning animated emoticon
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This is a very rude Santa smiley who is pulling his pants down and showing his bum to god knows who. People usually get mooned by a stupid person or a fool who finds it funny to show you his bare buttocks, but not Santa Claus! This is probably how he will react if you've been naughty and ask him for a gift. He'll be grounded for sure when he gets back to the North Pole! This is probably the most original mooning smiley that we have ever seen. Go over here to see more funny stuff.

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User comments (16)

Marlyn Ramires said:24 May '21

oh no santa what doing you.

Anonymous said:17 Nov '19

Hilarious emojis and emoticons of Santa!

Ryan said:19 Jun '17

He is already on the naughty list AvaGGurl!!

AvaGGurl!! said:04 Feb '17

Time to put Santa on the naughty list!

Anonymous said:24 Dec '16

Does it work for Facebook messenger?

Grinch said:16 Dec '16

Merry Christmas brother

Anonymous said:04 Dec '16

How do I get them?

John McClellan said:29 Nov '16

I want them all, they are awesome Holidays emojis.

Cherie said:22 Dec '14

Does this put Santa on the naughty list??!!

Cherie said:22 Dec '14

How freaking cute is this?!!

Anonymous said:02 Jan '13

omg santa howdo i get this to put , I can't believe that santa claus

JJ said:13 Dec '10

omg LOL, I can't believe that santa claus is showing us his bum!! please put your pants back on!!

Anonymous said:30 Nov '10

how do i get this to put on skype.. help

Anonymous said:14 Nov '10

lool these are jokes ha ha ha

Anonymous said:11 Nov '10

lol, this is super funny stuff... I'm gonna post this on Facebook haha.

Anonymous said:28 Sep '10

This is pretty freaking hilarious. I guess I still have some time left until christmas... so i'll be a good boy.

Details for santa mooning

Suggested shortcut: ;santa3
Tags: Santa, Claus, Christmas, Beard, Moon, Bum, Butt, Mooning
Filename: santa-mooning.gif

  • The Santa Mooning emoticon is Animated
  • Santa Mooning icon file size: 6.33 kB (6479)
  • Added on 27 September, 2010
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Santa Mooning' is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 2.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 217 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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