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Bart Mooning Emoticon

Bart Mooning animated emoticon
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Here is a funny emoticon of Bart Simpson dropping his shorts and giving us an eyeful! Bart is very naughty and he loves to moon people by showing them his bum. Here is the animated gif version of the mooning, enjoy! We can imagine that Homer also loves to do the same thing, but we don't have an emoticon of that just yet! We also have another mooning smiley that is also pretty funny, be sure to check that one out too.

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User comments (34)

Anonymous said:18 Mar '15

Bart's butt jiggles!!

Anonymous said:27 Dec '14

Between the cheeks please, don't miss a spot!

Anonymous said:13 Nov '13

How come no Homer version?

Victor ramos said:16 Mar '13

oh and that last comment of the skateboard was from me so look at the name

Anonymous said:16 Mar '13

cool like bart and cool skateboard

drtfgjtf said:04 Aug '12

jajjajajaja q pulenta

joey said:16 Dec '11

its not that funny its just bart doing a mooner

:D said:25 Sep '11

;) ha ha very cool!

erin said:23 Sep '11

cool thats funny lol

becky said:03 Sep '11

lol so funny haha lol lol !!!

shut ur face 123 said:09 Aug '11

omg that is sooo funny! lol teehee!

Anonymous said:23 Jul '11

lol very funny hahahaha

Anonymous said:10 Jun '11

hahahahahahah very funny

Koalas rock said:05 Feb '11

It is so awesome, everyone should download it!!

Anonymous said:02 Jan '11

nice emoticons!

santas little helper said:30 Oct '10

well i no it says santas little helper but i need help downloading it!?!

peter said:06 Sep '10

rude but effective i'm downloading that

Charlotte said:20 Aug '10

yes that's immensely funny!!!!

Anonymous said:06 Aug '10

OMG so rude! But it's funny ;D

Anonymous said:22 Jul '10

ha ha ha ha this is so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said:16 Jul '10


Anonymous said:06 Jul '10

aaaah... nice one!! lol

Orlando said:04 Jun '10

butt showing emote!! ha ha I'm a serious fan of bart and I've watched the entire Simpsons shows, I even watch them repeatedly!!!
btw, can you guys make on bart smiley saying his famous line "Eat MY Shorts"? Thanks

Anonymous said:04 Jun '10

i wantt ittttttttttttttttt...

Homer Simpson said:27 May '10

very weird....but i find it funny

Anonymous said:15 May '10

LOL barts a cool kid:)

Anonymous said:11 May '10

COOL!!...i find it very amusing..

Anonymous said:08 May '10

it is very good my friend! i love simpsons!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Apr '10

Cool his bum's tiny lol

Ellie x said:08 Apr '10

It's good. I love your simpsons icons, they're very cute!

Anonymous said:07 Mar '10

yer really cooll,, good stuff yrrr :P

Anonymous said:23 Feb '10

lol very sexy, i like it :P

james hayes said:22 Feb '10

very funny and amusing... good stuff.

BrapBrap said:19 Feb '10

Awesome, this is freaking awesome!!! too cool, just like me.

Details for bart mooning

Suggested shortcut: ;moon
Tags: Bart, Simpson, Moon, Bum, Butt, Ass, Mooning
Filename: bart_mooning.gif

  • The Bart Mooning emoticon is Animated
  • Bart Mooning icon file size: 9.13 kB (9352)
  • Added on 11 January, 2010
  • Emoticon category: Cartoon Emoticons

'Bart Mooning' is animated in 16 frames, the animation is 3.7 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 16 frames.

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