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Rude Santa Claus Emoticon

Rude Santa Claus animated emoticon
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This is not the present I was expecting from Santa! You have to be really naughty for Santa to show up in person to drop his red pants and moon you.

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User comments (25)

Anonymous said:04 Dec '21

Happy Holidays to Kuka’s CMM Guys! Happy Holidays 😆 May the New Year Be Comfortable and Filling.

Tracey said:28 May '18

love the Xmas emojis! Cannot figure out how to get them... I am on an iPad . Thanks for your help

Anonymous said:25 Dec '17

Awesome. Love your emojis.

AvaGGurl!! said:24 Feb '17

Santa's on the naughty list now!! XD

xmas emojis said:20 Dec '16

Times are tight, life is hard. Here is your Christmas Card!

Anonymous said:11 Dec '16

Santa what r u doing man?!

Santa Lover said:13 Feb '16

You are so mean to Santa! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said:27 Apr '15

Nice rude emoji he he he

Rude Santa Emoji said:21 Dec '13

Anything is better than watching telly tonight, absolutely rubbish... at least Santa can have a laugh ho ho ho...

Anonymous said:05 Oct '13

How we can use this emotion in fb?

Anonymous said:06 Feb '13

He has a big crack...

Anonymous said:02 Jan '13

what the..... HAHHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said:25 Dec '12

This one should get them giggling over their mince pies.

youssef said:17 Nov '12

what the.... lol hahahaha

Hahaha said:13 Nov '12

what the..... HAHHAHAHA!!!

Hahahahahahhahahahah said:08 Nov '12

santa, you are psycho!!! WHY would you put up the fu** you sign??

SHIT FACE said:08 Nov '12

OMG!!!!!! how could Santa DO that?!?! he isn't even REAL!

I said:06 Nov '12

funny peoples!!!

Anonymous said:18 Sep '12

hello everyone!

Santa flipping the b said:15 Jul '12

othat's greate haaahhahahahaha

Anonymous said:07 May '12

hahaha why would santa do that???

sharleen said:22 Mar '12

omg why would santa show is butt

caseyxx said:28 Jan '12

lololol omg so cool, i laughed hard.

kelli said:17 Jan '12

omg haha santa u have been bad for goodness sake

star:) said:02 Dec '11

hehe aw's the danciong one is cute:)!

Details for rude santa claus

Suggested shortcut: ;santa
Tags: santa mooning, christmas, mooning, rude, funny, santa claus, santa, xmas, offensive, insult
Filename: rude-santa-claus.gif

  • The Rude Santa Claus emoticon is Animated
  • Rude Santa Claus icon file size: 7.76 kB (7949)
  • Added on 15 October, 2011
  • Last commented on 04 December, 2021
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Rude Santa Claus' is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 2.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 100 by 100 pixels and has 58 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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