Adult Yahoo Emoticons

Adult Yahoo Emoticons

Need Adult Emoticons for Yahoo? Well you've come to the best source of Adult Emoticons around! Check out these dirty Yahoo Emoticons...

Using the Yahoo Adult emoticons

You can use the Yahoo Adult Emoticons anywhere, and not just in Yahoo Messenger. They are very popular in MSN Messenger because the Yahoo smileys are quite different to the usual animated emoticons used in Messenger. They are also very popular on other places like MySpace, etc. We will update the naughty Yahoo smilies patch information shortly to enable auto-installation of the dirty smileys.

Patching Yahoo Messenger with Adult Smileys

You can also apply our Adult Emoticons patch to Yahoo Messenger. Once done, all your Yahoo Emoticons and Smileys will be replaced with some very naught and adult versions. We're currently testing this patch to ensure that it works correctly, and that users of Yahoo Messenger 8.0 can also use the adult emoticons. There is an adult version of almost every original Yahoo Emoticon in the dirty emoticons set for yahoo.

More adult smileys

Want even more adult smileys? MySpace users may want to check out our Adult Graphics page for MySpace codes, also check out these other pages to find out more about our dirty smileys:

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